Inlet Outlet Lets Users Give Power Back To Wall Sockets

first_img Explore further Citation: ‘Inlet Outlet’ Lets Users Give Power Back To Wall Sockets (2009, March 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The concept was one of 50 finalists at this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition, which was held last Friday, February 27, in New York City, and is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association. Designed by Carla Diana and Jeff Hoefs of Smart Design, the inlet outlet concept includes adapter kits that convert common household products into energy-generating devices compatible with the inlet outlets.Besides exercise equipment, sources of reusable energy could include things like a refrigerator or gas oven/range, which generate heat that could be captured by a panel and converted into electricity. In addition, motion is everywhere: a welcome mat that is constantly stepped on, an outdoor trampoline, and a flag in the wind all generate kinetic energy that could be converted into electricity and fed back into the grid through the inlet outlet. No matter how small, inlet energy could counteract some of the energy consumed.The designers hope that, if the inlet outlet plugs and adapters are easy to use, the system could encourage further development of household devices that can be used to generate electricity.The inlet outlet was just one of many innovative eco concepts at the competition, and didn’t make the top 10. Based on audience feedback and live judging, a concept called the Tweet-a-Watt – a power meter that wirelessly publishes your power usage on your Twitter page – won first place. The Power-Hog, a piggy bank that monitors power consumption, won second place.More information: Inlet Outlet concept pageTop 50 EntriesGreen Gadgets press release• Join on Facebook!• Follow on Twitter!© 2009 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Designing a crystallization chamber ( — Ever wish you could you power your home’s electrical appliances with the energy you generate on your exercise bike? A new concept called an “inlet outlet” could allow homeowners to put power from kinetic household activities – such as exercise equipment – back into the grid through a wall socket, helping to lower electricity bills. Basically, the inlet outlet would be the opposite of a typical wall outlet. The “inlet outlet” allows users to give power back to the grid to counteract energy consumption. Image credit: Carla Diana and Jeff Hoefs, Smart Design. last_img read more

Chicago EV Charging Station Powered by Wind

first_img( — The “Windy City” is about to make use of that natural source of power, thanks to the addition of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Last year, Chicago offered the first solar powered charging station, in an effort to create a situation in which the electricity being provided to plug in cars was clean. Now, Chicago offers the first wind powered EV charging station in the continental United States. (Hawaii has a wind powered EV charging station.) Image source: Coulomb Technologies The equipment is being provided by Coulomb Technologies, via its distributor Carbon Day Automotive. The wind power is actually coming from a local law firm. The law firm has a partnership with MC Squared Energy Services, and is sending some of the power to the charging station. The agreement uses energy from wind farms in Illinois. MC Squared provides clean energy to a number of commercial businesses.Going forward, Coulomb hopes to create an entire network of rapid-charging stations that could serve as places for electric vehicle drivers to get power for their plug-ins. This would work with all-electric vehicles or with plug-in hybrids. The idea is to assuage fears that electric vehicles don’t do much for the environment, since the electricity that powers them comes from fossil fuel sources. If, however, more EV charging stations offer power from clean sources, then it would enhance the overall “green-ness” of the power grid. Citation: Chicago EV Charging Station Powered by Wind (2010, February 17) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Chicago Installs Solar Powered Charging Station for Electric Vehicles More information: Green Car Advisor: … powered-by-wind.html © 2010 Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Ubiquitous Energy sets focus on solar cell technology

first_img(a) Picture of the “Teton mountains” displayed on an LCD screen (b) with the fully assembled transparent solar cell in front of the picture. In (a) the anode/active layer drawing is overlaid on the same picture and the orange boxes highlight the active layer area. a and (b) were taken side-by-side during the same exposure. (c) Picture of the series-integrated, transparent cell powering an LCD clock illuminated with 0.05 sun while allowing for high transparency. Credit: Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 113305 (2011) More information: … through-solar-cells/ The company defines itself as “a technology startup developing a portfolio of technologies that enable seamless deployment of light-harvesting functionality in the form of products and surfaces we interact with every day.”Ubiquitous Energy solar cells are made of organic layers, and they are deposited one at a time on top of a film or glass. The team uses a “spectrally selective approach” with achievements that were first outlined in a paper published in Applied Physics Letters in 2011. They noted how previous efforts to construct semitransparent devices focused on the use of thin active layers (or spatially segmented films) with light absorption focused in the visible spectrum, and have been limited to either low efficiencies or low average visible-light transmissivity.They said that they demonstrated “heterojunction organic PV (OPV) cells utilizing a molecular organic donor, chloroaluminum phthalocyanine (ClAlPc), and a molecular acceptor, C60, that show peak-absorption in the ultraviolet and near-infrared (NIR) (wavelength span of λ = 650–850 nm).”They wrote that, in combining the OPVs with selective high-reflectivity near-infrared mirror coatings, “we optimize device performance while also permitting high transmission of visible photopic light through the entire device.”The paper, “Transparent, Near-Infrared Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells for Window and Energy-Scavenging Applications,” is by Richard Lunt and Vladimir Bulovic. Both are cofounders; Lunt is an expert in organic and inorganic excitonic materials for solar energy and energy utilization efficiency. Spun out of the MIT lab of Prof. Bulović, the company’s work is still at the development stages. The focus is to improve the efficiency of the solar cells, according to Miles Barr, the president and CTO of Ubiquitous Energy. As reported in Technology Review, Barr is looking at ways to collect more light. Barr said the company is developing materials that gather energy deeper into the infrared.Last year, Barr made news as a recipient of the Lemelson-MIT Collegiate Student Prize for innovative solar technologies. His approach in fabricating solar cells on everyday surfaces was singled out, and its implications for the adoption of solar power. According to the MIT award announcement, “Barr’s approach, which enables solar cells to be printed directly on common materials like paper and textiles, could reduce the cost of solar energy by eliminating the need for specialized installation.” © 2013 (—Can windows, tablets and e readers turn light into power? Can a surface coated with solar cells take sunlight and the glow of bulbs and change them into energy? As reported in Technology Review, expert scientists at a new startup called Ubiquitous Energy have those feats in mind. They want to develop transparent coatings and films that could harvest light energy when applied to buildings’ windows or mobile-device screens. Turning windows into powerplantscenter_img Journal information: Applied Physics Letters Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Ubiquitous Energy sets focus on solar cell technology (2013, February 26) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

New study suggests earthworms sequester more CO2 than they release

first_img Earthworms can survive and recover after 3-week drought stress ( —A combined team of researchers from the U.S. and China has found evidence to suggest that earthworms actually sequester more CO2 than they cause to be released into the atmosphere. In their paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the researchers describe experiments they conducted in a lab using two kinds of earthworms and various soil types in an attempt to discern how much CO2 they sequester. Explore further Earthworms. Credit: Photo courtesy of Cliff Johnston, Purdue University Department of Agronomy © 2013 Scientists know that soil contains a lot of carbon, prior research has found that up to a fifth of all carbon emissions into the atmosphere come from common dirt. But it doesn’t happen spontaneously—earthworms and microbes break down leaves and other liter releasing the carbon in them. One recent study concluded after reviewing over 200 published studies, that earthworms alone are responsible for increasing the amount of carbon released from the soil by up to 33 percent. In this new effort, the research team suggests that earlier studies have not taken proper consideration of the amount of carbon that earthworms sequester.When earthworms eat liter that makes its way into the soil, some carbon is released right away—but not all of it, some is retained in the material that is eventually digested. Once digested that material is deposited back into the soil and cannot escape, which means it’s been sequestered by the worm. But because it’s a slow process, it’s not been studied very carefully. The researchers in this latest study set up soil in various states in a lab and then released two kinds of earthworms into most of them (some were left without worms to serve as a control) along with liter. They then let the samples sit for a month as they quietly monitored CO2 emissions.In analyzing the results, the researchers found that the worms caused the release of a lot of CO2 initially, but then things tapered off. They also found that the soil without the worms in it emitted just as much CO2 as that with it. And, there was no difference in emissions between the two types of earthworms. In analyzing the results, the team worked up a formula to separate out how much CO2 was being emitted and how much was being sequestered—their calculations showed that more of it was apparently being sequestered in the soil than was being released into the air.The team acknowledges that their findings are preliminary, and suggest that more research be conducted, especially over much longer periods of time. Their research has convinced them it might just turn out that earthworms are sequestering a lot more CO2 than they are causing to be released.center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Earthworms facilitate carbon sequestration through unequal amplification of carbon stabilization compared with mineralization, Nature Communications 4, Article number: 2576 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms3576AbstractA recent review concluded that earthworm presence increases CO2 emissions by 33% but does not affect soil organic carbon stocks. However, the findings are controversial and raise new questions. Here we hypothesize that neither an increase in CO2 emission nor in stabilized carbon would entirely reflect the earthworms’ contribution to net carbon sequestration. We show how two widespread earthworm invaders affect net carbon sequestration through impacts on the balance of carbon mineralization and carbon stabilization. Earthworms accelerate carbon activation and induce unequal amplification of carbon stabilization compared with carbon mineralization, which generates an earthworm-mediated ‘carbon trap’. We introduce the new concept of sequestration quotient to quantify the unequal processes. The patterns of CO2 emission and net carbon sequestration are predictable by comparing sequestration quotient values between treatments with and without earthworms. This study clarifies an ecological mechanism by which earthworms may regulate the terrestrial carbon sink. Citation: New study suggests earthworms sequester more CO2 than they release (2013, October 16) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: Nature Communicationslast_img read more

Oz fest opens in Purana Qila

The four-month Oz Fest, a showcase of Australian culture in India, kicked off with visiting Prime Minister Julia Gillard announcing the Ravi Shankar World Music Scholarship, named after the Indian sitar maestro, at Victoria University.Announcing the endowment Tuesday evening, Gillard said the scholarship will allow musicians to study at the Victoria University from 2013.‘This scholarship represents everything that India and Australia share. Ravi Shankar took Indian culture to the world,’ Gillard said at the opening of the Oz Fest from 16 October to 5 February. The festival opened with a fusion concert of Australian aboriginal music and a sitar recital by Anoushka Shankar, Ravi Shankar’s daughter, at the historic venue of the 16th century Purana Qila [Old Fort]. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Besides the Australian prime minister, the opening concert was attended by Indian Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, Australian envoy in India Peter Varghese and a host of dignitaries from Australia and India.Set against the backdrop of a small arched relic, the Sher Mandal Observatory, inside the Old Fort complex, the opening act left the audience gasping in delight. A spectacular light show highlighted the Islamic architecture and the intricate floral design — which was magnified on the red sandstone surface of the structure by a complex kaleidoscope of moving laser images and coloured 3D electronic lights. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe light show, produced by the creators of Sydney’s Vivid Light Festival known for its light displays at the Sydney Opera House, was accompanied by a solo didgeridoo concert by virtuoso Mark Atkins. The didgeridoo is an ancient indigenous Australian drone instrument resembling a long wooden horn that produces a deep primal sounds like that of the gongs.It was followed by a solo concert of iconic Australian vocalist, Gurumul Yunupingu, a blind musician who sang about the ethnic myths, legends, spirits and cross-cultural connections. In 2011, he was named the most important voice from Australia by the Rolling Stones magazine. Gurumul’s plaintive voice spun a magical web on the sprawling heritage ambience.Twice Grammy Award-nominated Anoushka Shankar played two cheerful and rhythmic evening compositions, raga Tilang and raga Vachaspati created by her father Ravi Shankar and a Carnatic raga Adi.The festival is spread in four venues-Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore — with a panorama of music, performances, indigenous cricket, movies and art. read more

In the land of Tibet

first_imgA home in Tibet is a beautiful tale of longing and love of a daughter for her mother. Tsering Wangmo Dhomoa, Tibet’s first poetess to be published in English wrote the book as a tribute to her deceased mother.After loosing her mother in a car accident on a highway in India, far from her country and her family, Tsering decided to take handful of ashes back to her mothers homeland to a nomadic village in East Tibet. The book is about her journey weaved with her mothers memories and their dreams; as they had only each other as family and refuge. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The launch and the first reading of the book took place in the Capital where book lovers from all age groups gathered to hear selected sections from the book by the author herself. Later, an interactive session took place between the author and the audience where she answered many queries related to the book and also shared her experiences about writing the book. ‘Though my mother is not alive but her absence is always lingering around me. It was her dream that someday I should publish a book,’ said Tsering.last_img read more

Living 2014 right try 14 great steps

first_img2014 is here. Another year to fight, to forgive, to fall in love.1. LIVE AND LET LIVEMany a times we fail to do this. We try and squeeze in every little space. In the initial stage of any relation, constant togetherness feels like a bliss. But, as time passes we all feel suffocated with constant monitoring. Try your best to live and let live for a healthier and better tomorrow.2. RESPECTYourself and others. The more you do that, you will realise its importance. Relationships grow brighter only when two people respect each other. You get respect only when you generously give. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’3. DON’T JUDGEWe land up judging others by the way we think. But, judging can lead to wrong decisions and prejudices that harm relationships and hurt us.4. TRANSPARENCYBe transparent to your world and yourself. This is one rule that will never let you down. Be honest to your loved ones and if you have to lie, don’t get caught. Lying is an art and you should learn to do it right.5. SMILEIt actually doesn’t cost a penny but yet we see faces that never smile! Smile is actually sets things right. Don’t forget to share smiles every day. Life is too short to be taken too seriously. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix6. SPEND TIMENot only with your spouse or family but with yourself. Listen to your favourite music, watch some old movies or just catch up with your buddies. Sometimes, just forget that mobile phone, tab or and spend time learning yourself. You will feel brighter!7. SAVE AND SPENDSaving for future is very important. But, living life fully is equally vital. Do spend on little treats. Sometimes, just go for a spa session or plan a weekend getaway just to feel like a king. Life is unpredictable, enjoy it. Each day should be a celebration.8. SURPRISEYour partner in small little ways and gestures – may be the first cup of coffee to wake him/her or a perfect foot massage at the end of a busy, hectic day. Sometimes do plan small things to floor your partner. This will add a lot of spice to your togetherness. 9. PARENTSDo try and involve your parents along with your partner for some trips, outings or dinner at a restaurant. Parents never say it but feel really happy when you pay them attention. If all can be woven into one big family, the year will become more beautiful.10. SAY SORRY and THANK YOUDon’t hesitate or have any ego to say these. Small words or phrases, some things make a huge difference and can bridge the gaps miraculously. Not only to our own people but to anyone who deserves it, do say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’.11. DON’T TOLERATE…Everything and anything. Do express, do protest, do fight when you can’t take it anymore. Any situation that troubles you and makes you unhappy, face it and sort it. Be nice but don’t let your niceness be taken for granted.12. FALL IN LOVEAffairs might have shattered you. People might have betrayed you. Yet, don’t lose confidence on love. Love will surely paint your life when the time is right. Keep your eyes and heart open to receive love when it arrives.13. DELETESit back and delete all the phone numbers of those people who don’t exist in your life or bring back bad memories to you. Deleting numbers or deleting from the ‘friends list’ will give you a smile of victory. Just delete the trash, the unwanted.14. LEARN TO LOVE…Others for sure, but love yourself first. You are the VIP. Treat yourself the best and then the rest. In our lives, we always put us in the last list of priority and spend most of our lifespan living for others. Time to change that. Alphabetically, ‘I’ comes before ‘U’. So, let it be, ‘I Love I’ this new year!last_img read more

Hunt on for meat racket kingpin cops raid house of Kaushars inlaws

first_imgKolkata: In a desperate bid to arrest the kingpin of the racket that used to sell dead chicken, police conducted a raid in the house of Kaushar Dhali’s in-laws at Basirhat in North 24-Parganas on Sunday morning.Though the police didn’t find Kaushar there, the investigating officers have intensified the vigil to get hold of him as early as possible.A police officer said that Kaushar has fled along with all members of his family. The house was found locked and it is suspected that he has taken shelter in the house of one of his friends or relatives. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsSources said that the police conducted raid in the house of Kaushar’s in-laws as he had been hiding there for the past one or two days. However, he had somehow managed to flee from the house before police raided the place.Police came to know that Kaushar had gone to Basirhat to stay for a few days and he had made the plan to flee, realising that the police would conduct raid there. The police have also found his house at Lake Town locked from the outside. They have intensified vigil in and around Rajarhat and New Town area, so that he cannot flee from the place without getting arrested. Kaushar is originally a resident of Basirhat. He owned a chicken farm at New Town, where the police had raided and found two freezers packed with carcass meat. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe police had come to know about the chicken farm when it raided a restaurant near the airport. They found frozen meat in the restaurant and enquired from whom they used to procure the same. Subsequently, the authorities of the restaurant took the police to the chicken farm.Police had found several dead chickens in the farm. The farm was sealed and some were also arrested in this connection. Kaushar had, however, managed to flee from the place. The police had then initiated a search for Kaushar. Investigating officers are not ruling out the possibility of Kaushar fleeing to some other state. They have questioned some of the people who were known to him, to ascertain the location where Kaushar is hiding. Meanwhile, the administration is taking steps to install CCTV cameras for surveillance in dumping grounds. Already, Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality authorities have installed two CCTV cameras in a dumping ground. One more CCTV camera will be installed soon. The footages of the cameras will be monitored from the office of the municipality.last_img read more

Handy ways of keeping hands feet youthful

first_imgHands often give away the age of a person, but that doesn’t mean you avoid your feet. Take care of both as they are as important as your face, says an expert.Experts suggests how:  Cover your hand and feet with sunscreen because they are as important as your face.Apply a mixture of glycerine and rose water or lemon on your heels to make them soft and smooth.For cracked heels, take lukewarm water in a tub, add some salt and vaseline to it. Dip your feet in  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’the mixture for half an hour and clean your feet with a pumice stone. Before going to bed, apply heel cream for the whole night. In summer, fungal infections are common so keep your feet clean and use a medicated powder. You can beautify your hand and feet by mixing two tablespoons of baby oil or olive oil with sugar. Make a paste out of it and gently rub it on your hands and feet for some time. Rinse it with water.  Rub petroleum jelly and castor oil on your nails and then buff them with cotton to give an amazing shine. Massage your nails to keep them strong and prevent from breakage.  Apply cuticle oil around your nails at least once a week as it will saturate the skin around the nail and moisturise it. Get a regular hand and foot massage to relax the tired muscles and increase the blood flow. It also helps to avoid wrinkles.last_img read more

ISI held Osama prisoner for 6 years handed over to US

first_imgPulitzer Prize-winning American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has already termed the official US account of the raid and Osama’s killing as “a fairytale”. The BBC report by Jane Corbin, who has investigated al- Qaeda and Osama for nearly two decades, claims there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of the US and Pakistani government to assassinate him. Citing Hersh, who spoke to Corbin about his article published in the London Review of Books last month, the report says the ISI was holding Osama prisoner for nearly six years in the garrison town of Abbottabad and just handed him over to the Americans in a staged raid. Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepenHersh’s article had created a lot of flurry as it, among other things, claimed that the al-Qaeda chief’s body may have been torn to pieces by rifle fire with some parts tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains.He had also said that a former Pakistani intelligence officer disclosed Osama’s hideout to CIA in exchange of $25 million bounty on his head. Hersh said knowledge of Osama’s whereabouts went right to the top of the Pakistan army and intelligence service while the CIA rejects this view, saying that the Pakistani top brass did not know. “There is one other possible explanation however – the murky history of rogue elements within Pakistan’s military and intelligence service sympathetic to Islamic militants,” today’s report said. Also Read – Pak Army ‘fully prepared’ to face any challenge: Army spokesman“It is possible someone knew about or helped shelter Bin Laden. And it seemed incredible to me when I went to the Abbottabad compound before it was demolished that he could have lived right under the nose of Pakistan’s military elite close to the country’s military academy,” Corbin added.The report also says that Carlotta Gall, who reported for the New York Times from Pakistan, supports Hersh’s account of knowledge at the top level of the army and intelligence service. She learned from a local source that the ISI had a specific ‘Bin Laden desk’ run by one man, it said. “They were hiding him and keeping him in some sort of protective custody,” she said. However, some security experts dispute that and say it is just not “plausible” that the top levels knew about Osama, the report adds. “The problem for Mr Hersh is that his account is largely based on one American source, a retired senior intelligence officer in the US government who he does not name. (CIA deputy director Michael) Morell dismisses that, saying this person was never in the meetings he was in – meetings which were completely different to Mr Hersh’s account,” it says.last_img read more

ITPO awards the best exhibitors

first_imgThe legacy of  the   India  International  Trade  Fair    continues. The  theme   of  the IITF 2017, an  iconic business   event  of   the  India Trade   Promotion   Organisation(ITPO) will be ‘Start Up India’, announced by  LC Goyal, Chairman  and  Managing   Director, ITPO, presenting  the Awards for Excellence in Display to the winners of different categories  at Shakuntalam Convention Centre, Pragati Maidan, New  Delhi, on Sunday. The Award   ceremony started with auspicious ‘ Sarswati Vandana’.   Also Read – Add new books to your shelfPresent on the occasion were HE Vitaly A Prima, Ambassador, Belarus, Shubhra Singh, Executive Director, AK Sinha, Officer  on   Special   Duty, J Gunasekaran, General Manager, ITPO, participants from India and overseas and  media  persons .LC Goyal complimented  the    ‘Team ITPO’  as  well  as  all    supporting agencies for their  better logistics, cleanliness, business generation, enhanced participation, security measures and visitorship as well as in highlighting contribution of the young entrepreneurs in nation-building under its theme ‘Digital India’.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveHe  informed that  the   fair   was  visited   by  over 14 lakh visitors and  came  up  to  the  expectation. He   said   that  the   organisation  took  elaborate steps  to  ensure  the  cash  availability  and   encouraging  cashless transactions  with  active  support   of  the   banks as  well  as   increasing  density of ATMs, which  caused a   positive  impact  on business  transactions  and  overall  footfall.   He  reiterated that   the IITF , a  brand  in  itself,  is  synonymous with ITPO  and  would   be  organised  in  a   new   format  as   the   organisation   is  poised  to  initiate   its  redevelopment  plan  Integrated  Exhibition – cum – Convention   Centre (IECC) for  Pragati   Maidan.  All  the   states  and  central   ministries   would   be  provided  suitable   space  as  usual  in  IITF 2017.      Speaking   on  the  occasion, HE Vitaly A Prima, Ambassador, Belarus highlighted  important  aspects  of Indo- Belarus  bilateral  trade  and  commerce .  He  informed   that as many as 70 companies participated in the fair. He   also  extended  invitation  to ITPO  to   participate  in  major  exhibition  in Belarus.In her welcome address, Shubhra Singh highlighted  new initiatives taken by ITPO for convenience of participants and visitors in the fair.  ‘Vote  of  Thanks’ was  proposed by J Gunasekaran, GM, ITPO. South Korea ‘Partner Country’, Belarus ‘Focus Country’ and Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand  ‘Partner States’ and Haryana ‘Focus State’ were also awarded.  This  year, the top honour of the Gold  was  presented   to  Kerala, the  Silver Medal  won  by  Gujrat in the States and Union Territories category, while in the category of North-East States, Meghalaya  bagged the  Gold Medal and commendation honour won by Tripura and Assam.  South Korea received the Gold Medal and Baharain received the Silver while Turkey and Myanmar were felicitated with commendation in the foreign sector. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Power bagged the Gold Medal and Silver Medal respectively in the Ministries and Department category while, the Ministry of Power Resources & River Development & Ganga Resources alongwith Income Tax Department were awarded with commendations. The Coir Board bagged the Gold Medal, Jute Board received the Silver  and Coconut Development Board & Carpet EPC received the commendations in PSUs, EPCs, and Commodity Boards & Banks category. In the Private Sector, M/s KAFF won the Gold Medal, IFB received the Silver Medal and Shyam Tilpati Udyog and Hershey’s received the commendations. The ‘Digital India’ Pavilion, the theme pavilion was honoured with the Gold Medal.  Bihar received the Gold and Assam won the Silver Medal in Swachh Bharat category.last_img read more

Five held in Bengal with leopard skin worth Rs 10 lakh

first_imgKolkata: Five people were arrested in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district for trafficking a leopard skin worth Rs. 10 lakh from Gorumara enroute to Nepal, Belacoba Forest Range Officer Sanjay Dutta said on Monday. Based on prior information a special team started tracking the traffickers, an official statement said. The team followed Bikash Rai (30), Ranjit Mohanta (24), Sanjay Adhikary (22), Monahan Munda (28) and Kishanganj Tamang (37) and arrested them on Sunday near Gajoldoba and Odlabari. A leopard’s skin measuring 10 ft was recovered from them. They had negotiated for Rs 10 lakh for it with other traffickers. The animal is suspected to have been killed just four to five days earlier. “They have confessed that they were involved in hunting the leopard in the forest area of Dooars,” the statement added.last_img read more

Ushering social reforms through education

first_imgShe believes that education, not charity, is the only way to bring a change in India’s existing educational and social system. And to turn this thinking into reality, she battled the inequality in the classroom through pioneering school reforms. This is the story of Sister Cyril, an Irish nun, who has been living in Kolkata for the past six decades. Her first impression was that of a hot, humid and crowded city, but what moved her emotionally was the poverty and hopelessness of children dwelling in Kolkata’s numerous slums. And she had a different approach towards uplifting these slum dwellers who the upper classes often looked down upon. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”It struck me that we live in a layered society whose upper levels have little to do with the lower levels unless the latter come into the former’s houses as domestic help. It will be very difficult to change this system unless we bring all children from all backgrounds and mix them together on an equal footing. Only then will it be possible for us to have a fully integrated nation,” said Sister Cyril.She remembered that when she began her experiment in 1979, there was hardly any support from the local residents. In the same year, she took charge as the principal of Loreto Convent, Sealdah, an institute where mostly students from well-to-do families studied. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveQuestions were raised when she decided to open the doors of the school to slum children, but she was determined to bring about change in society through educational reforms. She fiercely battled the inequality in the classrooms and now Loreto has 50 per cent of its seats reserved for children from economically backward families.”The people said it couldn’t be done, I have proved that it can – by creating a school where all children are friends even though they belong to radically different backgrounds,” she maintained.Not just this, but Sister Cyril, who recently co-authored a book titled “Girls Are Our Future – Thoughts of a Practical Radical Nun”, has been the brain behind many social initiatives like “Rainbow Homes”, the “Brickfields Project” and “Barefoot” which helped tremendously in educating children belonging to the poorest sections of the community.These 60 years have been quite a challenging journey for her. From landing in Calcutta in 1956 till now, Sister Cyril has seen many facets of the city – indeed, has seen it changing. Not just infrastructural development, Sister Cyril believes that there have been many vital educational reforms brought in by the West Bengal government over the years. Now, she finds even the slum children carrying a school bag and walking towards a school. For her, this is a satisfactory improvement.But there are still a few black spots that exist. One of these, she pointed out, was the marginal socio-economic development in the city’s slums.”Very little improvement can be seen in the slum areas and in many cases the people are dislodged for high-rise buildings (to come up). The slum dwellers have been simply pushed to the outskirts,” the nun noted.Kolkata has been a city that has been home to many missionaries and charitable institutions and with Mother Teresa, the city also learned compassion and empathy, but unlike her who believed in charity, Sister Cyril has always strongly believed in helping such children through education.”We (Sister Cyril and Mother Teresa) had a good working relationship, she gave help to destitute people while I believed strongly in educating children so that they can get employment and support themselves to be independent,” she explained.Asked if she ever thought of going back to Ireland, Sister Cyril firmly said no.”Though some of my ideas would have been good for Ireland, there was no moment when I seriously considered going back – except maybe in the very hot summer months of April and May,” she said.last_img read more

KMC starts installation of sprinklers for trees on Southern Avenue islands

first_imgKolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has started installing sprinklers to water trees that have been planted at various islands of Southern Avenue in South Kolkata. The sprinklers will be used twice a day for watering the plants.”We are using three to four sprinklers depending on the number of trees in each of the islands at Southern Avenue. They are controlled in such a manner so that the entire process is carried out scientifically. We have plans to install sprinklers at more places in the city, wherever feasible,” said Member, Mayor-in-Council (Parks & Gardens) Debasish Kumar. According to Kumar, the civic body has 12 vehicles that water plants on a daily basis in the city. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseSpeaking about the role his department plays in proper preservation of greenery in the city, Kumar said that the gardeners working with the civic body carry out trimming of the trees from time to time to ensure that the weight of the trees is adequate enough to remain rooted to the ground. “Trimming is necessary to ensure that the trees do not become too heavy and become susceptible to uprooting,” he maintained. The civic body uses hydraulic ladders for trimming large trees. For Borough 1 to 10 of KMC, there is a hydraulic ladder in each for carrying out the trimming work. In Borough 10 to 16, KMC uses two such ladders for trimming. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”We have already initiated the process of procuring some more ladders for trimming,” a senior official of the Parks & Gardens department said. It may be mentioned that soon after taking over as the Mayor of Kolkata a few months ago, Firhad Hakim has formed a separate department titled Urban Forestry and has laid a lot of emphasis on preserving and augmenting the green cover in the city. An expert committee has already been formed with Kumar as the chairman, which will soon come out with a comprehensive plan on how to move forward with urban forestry in the city. Apart from botanists of KMC, the committee has environment experts from Calcutta University and Jadavpur University as well as environment activists. It may be mentioned that in well-planned cities, especially in Europe, a minimum of 50 cubic feet of soil is provided for a tree’s root system to expand. However, in Kolkata, hardly 10 cubic feet of soil is available on an average for the same and therefore, toppling of trees during squalls and thunderstorms is becoming a common phenomenon every year, according to the environment experts.last_img read more

Mark Tully launches PRSIs Samvaad Series

first_imgPRSI – Delhi Chapter launched the Samvad-Series for the fraternity of fellow professionals by Sir William Mark Tully on May 10, 2019, at the SCOPE Convention Centre, Delhi. The launch was followed by a lecture on ‘Creative Listening’.Mark Tully, who is known for his convictions and commitments on whatever he undertakes; opened the talk with references from Indian mythology and scriptures. He emphasised that India and Indians are known for skillful communications, and good communication is the foundation of great public relations. He dwelled upon how art of listening is associated with development of self. Tully elaborated that it is listening that connects you with the inner-mind, intellect and soul. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfHe referred to radio as one of the medium that inculcates habit of listening among the masses and mentioned that listening gives you an opportunity to draw inferences from the speakers talk. His narrations were highly appreciated by the audience and were supported with clapping. Tully touched upon Samvad in the society in general and political context particularly. He highlighted how over a period of time Samvad has been dominated by acquisitions and cross-acquisitions rather than constructive and convincing arguments and cross arguments. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveHe emphasised how creative and effective listening has been adopted by Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teressa and other great leaders of the world in bringing together the masses and build nations. He once again drew attention of PR professionals for deeply understanding this to meet the professional intent in developing and communicating their message to the masses in a more efficient and effective manner. This was the first lecture in the series of Samavad. While the Samvad Logo was unveiled by Sir William Mark Tully, Executive Committee Members joined him on the stage. Tully complemented the team PRSI-Delhi Chapter for this yeomen service to the society. Earlier, the welcome address was given by Chairman, PRSI-Delhi Chapter, Naresh Kumar. Shari Pallab Bhattacharya, Executive Director (CC), ONGC introduced Sir Willaim Mark Tully to the audience and GS Bawa introduced the Samvad Series and gave the punch line “Productivity through Effective Samvad”. The program was summed up with the felicitation of the dignitaries on the dais and a vote of thanks by the SS Rao, Secretary, PRSI-Delhi Chapter.last_img read more

Nick Wright Dak Prescott should play in Week 17

first_imgShould Dak Prescott play in Week 17?The Cowboys have home-field locked up and nothing tangible to play for in Week 17. It’s still unknown how much playing time Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliott will get. Following the broken legs of Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr, it’s clear that in the NFL, freak injuries can occur at any time, and playing Prescott in Week 17 would expose him to injury risk.Nick thinks that Prescott being a rookie presents a unique situation and it would benefit him and the other young Cowboys to continue to play. They can stay in their routine and continue their momentum heading into the playoffs. He thinks Prescott sitting out the last game, in addition to the bye week could have disastrous consequences for the Cowboys.Cris completely disagrees and points to the Carr and Mariota injuries as proof that in the NFL, anyone can go down at any time. The only way to ensure that he remains healthy is to sit. Elliott should sit, too. Prescott and Elliott aren’t normal rookies and they’ll handle the layoff.Are Dak and Zeke the best quarterback/running back duo in the NFL?Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott might be the best rookie quarterback/running back duo in NFL history, are they the best in the NFL? Cris and Nick compared the pair to the rest of the NFL.Cris thinks the duo of Big Ben and LeVeon Bell are better than Dak and Zeke, mostly because Roethlisberger has proven himself in the playoffs and in the clutch in Super Bowls. He would also rank Brady and LeGarrette Blount ahead of the rookies.Nick doesn’t see how anyone can argue against Dak and Zeke, especially if the judgment is based on what the duos have done this year. He thinks Dak has had a better year than Big Ben, and a favorly comparable year to Brady’s. He strongly believes that Elliott being, hands down, the best running back in the NFL this season pushes the Dallas duo over the line.Are the Seahawks a Super Bowl contender?The Seahawks have been difficult to figure out all year. They’ve been hot and cold, and Russell Wilson has been injured and inconsistent, but their defense is still atop the league rankings. CC and Nick both agree that this Seattle team is an older, less dominant version of the team that made back-to-back Super Bowls. They aren’t a Super Bowl contender this year.Cris sees Seattle’s unwillingness to build their offensive line in the last 5 years as the main problem that has come home to roost this year. Seattle isn’t the physically dominant team they were, and older.Nick thinks the downward trend of the Seahawks can be traced back to their failed decision to pass on the goal line on fourth down in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. He thinks that from that point, the Seahawks identity as a power team centered around Beast Mode has transitioned to a mediocre finesse passing team. It changed the trajectory of their organization.Guests:Eric Mangini – Former NFL head coach for the Jets and Browns is in-studio to discuss if Nick Saban should consider returning to the NFL, if the Giants can beat the Cowboys in the playoffs, why he thinks Big Ben and LeVeon Bell are a better duo than Zeke or Dak, and if the Chiefs are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.Shawne Merriman – 3-time All-Pro with the Bills and Chargers is in-studio to weigh in on the NFL’s drug testing policy, if it’s outdated, if Dak Prescott should play in Week 17, and his pick for the best quarterback/running back duo in the NFL.last_img read more

VIDEO Golfer makes clutch onehanded chip shot while holding his sleeping baby

first_img Advertisement h/t TheBigLead Who says dad duty means you can’t hit the links?Joshua Kelly is the dad to a newborn and also does trick shots on the internet. Kelly just posted a video to his Instagram of him draining a one handed chip shot without waking the sleeping baby he was holding.It’s a great shot considering what was on the line. You, never, ever wake up a sleeping baby. Any parent knows that is a terrifying prospect.last_img

VIDEO Warriors cancel practice after Steph Currys 30th birthday party goes to

first_img😂😂😂 It’s the return of China Klay!Watch 18 minutes of Klay Thompson, Coach Mike Brown and the Warriors dancing at Steph Curry’s 30th Birthday party:— (@Ballislife) March 13, 2018The result?Warriors just announced they canceled practice today. Everyone in recovery mode after Curry’s 30th.— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) March 13, 2018 Steph Curry turns 30 tomorrow, but his teammates and friends threw him a surprise birthday bash last night that was good enough to force Steve Kerr to call off today’s practice in the name of recovery.Once Curry arrived via yacht, the party was on and featured plenty of karaoke and even some dancing by Kerr and assistant Mike Brown. At one point, Curry ate ribs on stage while legendary Bay Area rapper E-40 spit some bars behind him.The Warriors really seem concerned about finishing the regular season strong. They might as well get this out of the system before the playoffs.Steph Curry showing up to his own birthday party ON A YACHT.— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) March 13, 2018 Advertisementlast_img read more

Harbaugh the biggest winner B1G the biggest loser with Urbans exit

first_imgHarbaugh the biggest winner, B1G the biggest loser with Urban’s exitEarly this morning, news broke that Urban Meyer is stepping down as the head coach of Ohio State after the Rose Bowl against Washington. Meyer’s exit comes after a tumultuous year that began with Meyer’s suspension for his role in the domestic violence scandal involving former wide receiver’s coach Zach Smith and ended the Buckeyes just missing out on the CFB Playoffs.As of today, Colin thinks Meyer is the second best college coach – Nick Saban is first – if he never coaches again. The biggest winner with Urban’s departure is Jim Harbaugh, who was 0-4 against Meyer. the biggest loser is the B1G conference because Meyer raised the bar and profile for the conference during his tenure in Columbus. Colin’s sources say Meyer may be done, but also may consider taking one high profile college job if it becomes available after next year. Also:– Colin’s Herd hierarchy after Week 13– Josh McDaniels can handle Aaron Rodgers– Eagle’s season is over– Thunder win more when Westbrook shoots lessGuests:Andrew Whitworth – Rams Pro Bowl Left Tackle; DeAngelo Hall – FS1 Analyst and former Pro Bowl Cornerback; Tony Gonzalez – Fox NFL Analyst and former All-Pro Tight End; Deontay Wilder – WBC Heavyweight Champlast_img read more

Steer Your Online Business to Profitability

first_imgApril 2, 2014 3 min read Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Listen Now A time-tested marketing adage is that gaining new customers is way more expensive than retaining old ones. With ecommerce, more conversions of site visitors into paying ones means better customer retention.Using data and understanding customers’ requirements acquired during the lead-generation and lead-nurturing phases play an important role in nudging, informing, exciting and enticing one-time shoppers to purchase again. The result is that your business’ bottom line gets a dual boost — from the added sales and the savings in marketing costs.Related: The Single Most Important Website MetricHere are five simple steps to take for your online business to improve its conversion rate and reap the accompanying benefits:1. Align the landing page’s objectives with your marketing ones. This is derived from your business objectives. Clarity on this matter will lead you to design a web page that fulfills one primary objective: brand engagement, email gathering, sales generation or lead generation. Craft copy that captures a reader’s attention, piques his or her interest, fuels desire and encourages action. Remember, it begins with focus.2. Earn your visitors’ trust. The smartest copy and the most attractive web design can come to naught if you cannot evoke the trust of your visitors. Your free offer or download should be a valuable one. Avoid hype and fluff that aims to force visitors to take action needlessly; don’t tout buy-now or limited-time offers when they aren’t really anything of the sort. Endorsers should be verifiable as should be any numerical figures used to bolster your claims. It’s about relating to your customers, building their trust and an online community; as a consequence, visitors to the site will want to do business with you.Related: Why Your Ecommerce Site Is Losing Money (Infographic)3. Get consumers hooked from the beginning. Your heading or title has to inspire visitors to read on so they can understand your value proposition and take further action. The only way to find what really works is through consistent A/B testing. The testing should extend to all elements of a landing page, including the placement of the lead-capture form, the images or videos and the call to action. 4. Optimize your lead capture form. Research has established an inverse correlation between number of fields in a form and the sales conversion rate. Forms with fewer fields generate higher conversions. And that makes sense, in this age of identity theft and ceaseless spamming; people are cautious about sharing information.An email address and a name should suffice in most cases. You can start a communication with these two pieces of information and gather more as the relationship matures. An optimized lead form with fewer fields is also critical to a positive user experience and making your website mobile-friendly.5. Recognize that distractions hinder conversions. Visual overload can draw visitors’ attention from your message. Don’t ask them to process more information than absolutely necessary as that increases the chances of their abandoning a page midway. The landing-page design should strive for a balance between text, images, video and white space. Don’t try too hard to impress; simplicity is best.Related: 5 Social Media Tricks to Boost Your Business How Success Happenslast_img read more