Irene Guerrero, the captain of Betis whom Gordillo discovered

first_imgQuarantine as a “moment of reflection”After a difficult season, in which she has suffered a severe injury and the death of her father, a fundamental pillar in her life, Irene Guerrero is very positive for what will come and looks at the quarantine as a “moment of reflection” to mature and learn from mistakes. “At home I always learned that when faced with problems, people have to grow up and try to rise from each fall stronger,” says the Andalusian midfielder, who hopes to finish the season. “Our goal has always been to keep the team as high as possible in the standings. From the locker room we want to ask the RFEF that we want to end the season. We are aware of the situation that exists and that health comes first, but we do not want to suspend the competition. The break has been bad for us because we were on an upward line in terms of good feelings, “stresses Irene Guerrero.A good performance of the team thanks in part to the arrival to Pier’s dressing room, of which Irene Guerrero only has “words of thanks”. “Pier knew how to give us back that joy, confidence and freedom to be able to act accordingly with the situations that were coming”, exposes the Baetian footballer, who has set a routine of studies and training during this quarantine. “During the confinement I have lived through different stages. At first I was very shocked because I felt lonely without the ball. I am getting used to it and I think that this time is also helping me to think about everything, mature a lot and become stronger. I try to keep a routine, with time to train, read and study, which I am training in areas such as nutrition, sports psychology, etc. “, highlights the green-and-white captain, who does not neglect her training despite being able to dedicate herself professionally to soccer . “The life of a footballer is beautiful, but short”, sentence. The paths of Irene Guerrero and Betis were destined to intersect. The player, born in the crib, always dreamed of wearing the thirteen bars. An impossible dream for a girl who did not even have a team or female references to follow, as Irene herself remarks in an interview with AS: “The impossible is only impossible until someone arrives and achieves it.” That someone for Irene was Rafael Gordillo. The former player and legend of Betis, where he is now director of institutional relations, He was the discoverer of which he has captained the Verdiblanco team since his promotion to Primera, four seasons ago.Everything took place, as in the great stories, in a fortuitous date in the Seville neighborhood of Las Almenas, where Irene gave her first kicks to a ball. In the middle of a bar conversation between friends and acquaintances, including Gordillo and Irene Guerrero’s father, the name of the now soccer player from Bética came up, whom her father called and lived the one who would be one of the most important moments of his career. “Gordillo said to me: ‘Good evening, I am Rafael Gordillo’ and I, who did not even know who he was, replied: ‘Good evening, and I am Irene Guerrero’. Everybody was laughing. I was Baetic, but I was very small and I didn’t know him. When I found out who he was, I saw that he had screwed up, “confesses Irene Guerrero, who actually put a foot in, but in women’s football.” We did a test there with an improvised ball and she told me that the next day I would go to school Heliopolis and to say it was on his side. From there it was when I started my career in football. Thanks to Gordillo I played in my first (men’s) soccer team. If it wasn’t for him, the same thing today I wouldn’t be playing “, says the midfielder.From promise to star, Irene Guerrero has become an emblem of the Verdiblanco team. “I am not aware of everything we move. When a boy or a girl tells me that I am their benchmark, it fills me with pride and satisfaction,” stresses the Spanish international who, after that first experience, which would end up marking him, played in the Seville before landing at Betis. “JI played in Sevilla because Betis Féminas did not exist. When it appeared, I didn’t think twice. Wearing the Betis shirt is a great satisfaction. There is nothing greater for any player than defending the team’s shirt that he has in his heart “, indicates the ‘8’ of Betis, who only thinks of “fulfill dreams at the hands of Betis” and “take him to the top of the table, where he deserves to be.”last_img

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