Cracks of the 21st century: Pino, the new Canary promise

first_imgYéremi Pino (Gran Canaria, 2002) is one of the last footballers to stand out in the always fruitful Canarian youth academy. It is a classic end, with one against one, speed, snatch and good ball hitting in the centers. But, in addition, he meets conditions that allow him to adapt to modern football: he likes to step on the area and has a great goal. That allows him to be able to occupy three demarcations: extreme by any of the two bands and even false nine. On the right, being right-handed, he acts as a classic winger, looking for a baseline, while on the left he likes to throw diagonals to exploit his good punch. Pino enjoys mobility, being able to switch positions several times during a match.Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Pino began to take his first steps as a footballer in the Barrio Atlántico. He then moved on to Hurricane before drawing the attention of Las Palmas. In 2016, being Cadet’s first year, a key moment in his career occurred: Andrés Clavijo called him to play with the Canarian team the Spanish Championship played at the La Salud stadium in Tenerife. In that tournament, full of scouts, Yéremi stood out. Villarreal and Barcelona contacted his family and agents to convey their interest in incorporating him into their quarries, since he was free. Finally, Pino opted for the people of Castellón. The economic offer was important on the part of both clubs, but in the sporting field Villarreal offered him a project to reach the first team in a few years. They shielded him with a four-year contract and a three million euro clause.Pino is also a fixture in the lower categories of the Spanish team, where he had to live what has been the worst moment of his career so far. He was summoned to play the U-17 World Cup that took place in Brazil at the end of 2019. He was one of the important pieces of La Rojita, but only one day before the start of the championship he had to return to Spain. An accidental shot in training caused an eye trauma that prevented him from playing in the tournament. It is a thorn that Yéremi still has stuck and that he hopes to be able to remove in the future …last_img

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