Napoli-Barça will be the most expensive match in the history of San Paolo

first_imgNaples seems to have emerged from the worst crisis of its last 15 years. After the defeat against Fiorentina (the fourth straight at home, something never seen since 1998), the Azzurri achieved eliminate Lazio from the Italian Cup and beat Juventus de Sarri in the same week. They did it in San Paolo and it happened just when organized groups reappeared in Fuorigrotta.The strike born by fines of 166 euros that the club sent to the fans during the past months ceased when an agreement was reached that provided tolerance for typhosi that they occupy a different place from the one that carried their entrance. That allowed the groups to get together and sing again, returning to the stadium, from the confrontation with Lazio, the very hot atmosphere that made him famous in the world. This morning, however, Another controversy arose between the fans and the Azzurra entity, which published the price of tickets for the Champions League match with Barcelona next February 25. The sale will start tomorrow for subscribers (on February 6 for everyone else) and tickets are the most expensive in the club’s history: the popular sector, Curves will cost 70 euros, while Distinti 130, Tribune Family 120 (40 for children under 12 years old), the Nisida 190 Grandstand and the Posillipo 250 euros.Prices never seen: for the match with Real Madrid of 2017, the same sectors cost, respectively, 50, 100, 80, 150 and 190 euros. The decision of Naples was welcomed with rage in social networks, and many typhosi promise not to attend the meeting as a form of protest. Yes, As the whole of Gattuso continues to grow, it seems even harder to imagine that someone wants to miss the premiere of Barcelona and Leo Messi at San Paolo. Whatever it takes.last_img read more

Sánchez Martínez will not referee the next day after his performance at Betis-Barça

first_imgThe referees of day 24 are already known. The RFEF has announced the members for the 24th day that will be held next weekend and the news is that Sánchez Martínez, referee of Betis-Barcelona last Sunday, has not been designated for any party or as principal referee or in the VARThe referee of the Murcian school had a controversial performance in the game yesterday after the expulsion of Fekir, the penalty not called Messi or the non-expulsion of Sergi Roberto, among other controversial decisions. Of course, it is not known if the absence of Sánchez Martínez in the fields of Primera during the next weekend is due to the controversy caused by his performance or mere rest.According to sources consulted by AS, the Technical Committee of Referees has not thought about the performance of Sánchez Martínez in Betis-Barça to give him rest: “We try to give rest to two referees every day without being in the VAR (This one would have to go to the VOR) and so we have, give rest. We have not thought about how he did it at Betis-Barça but it doesn’t hurt either. “Nor will he be present on the next day of LaLiga Santander Gil Manzano after his arbitration at Osasuna – Real Madrid, but it will whistle one of the semifinals of Copa del Rey (Real Sociedad-Mirandés). This does not happen in the case of the referee, who is also not among those chosen to whistle the semifinals of the Cup (Munuera Martínez is the one designated for Athletic-Granada). Thus, Real Madrid – Celta de Vigo will be directed by Alberola Rojas, who will be accompanied by Munuera Montero in the VAR. In addition, Barcelona – Getafe will have Cuadra Fernández as judge and Hernández Hernández in the VOR room. In one of the most attractive matches of the day is Valencia – Atlético, which will be refereed by Medié Jiménez, supported by Iglesias Villanueva in the VAR.Thus, these are the designations of the 24th day:Friday 1421:00 Valencia – Atlético: Medié Jiménez; VAR, Iglesias VillanuevaSaturday 1513:00 Mallorca – Alavés: Pizarro Gómez; VAR, Soto Grado16:00 Barclelona – Getafe: Cuadra Fernández; VAR, Hernández Hernández18:30 Villarreal – Levante: Melero López: VAR, Prieto Iglesias21:00 Granada – Valladolid: Martínez Munuera; VAR, Jaime LatreSunday 1612:00 Seville – Espanyol: Lamb Vega; VAR, González González14:00 Leganés – Betis: Estrada Fernández; VAR, De Burgos Bengoetxea16:00 Eibar – Real Sociedad: Del Cerro Grande; VAR, Mateu Lahoz18:30 Athletic – Osasuna: González Fuertes; VAR, Álvarez Izquierdo21:00 Real Madrid – Celta de Vigo: Alberola Rojas; VAR, Munuera Monterolast_img read more

Cherry: “Anfield is very old, he would not pass the technical exam”

first_imgEnrique Cerezo She was present at the event organized by the EFE agency to reward Kenti Robles, as the best Latin American player. The chief executive praised the great role that Atleti played against Liverpool in the Champions League and spoke of the return at Anfield. I also support Simeone.“I always sleep well. There are days of glory and not so much. According to the press, a week ago we were deranged and now we are very much alive. They had almost 30 games without losing, they say it is the best team in the world. We are happy with the results but another match is missing. We have met again, that’s the best news “said Cerezo. Cerezo wanted to endorse Diego Simeone: “We have a great coach, he will be much longer with us. And we also have a great team.”he sentenced. “The one who hits first, hits twice. Seeing a hobby delivered with the team was amazing. It was a show. Anfield is a great field but it is old. I would not pass the technical inspection if I had to pass it “, he joked.last_img read more

Michu gives Haaland a T-shirt and he replies: “Wow, legend”

first_imgErling Haaland is being one of the great sensations of the European football scene and the two goals he made to Paris Saint Germain did nothing but confirm it. However, unlike other points, he did not refer to Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, or Ronaldo Nazario … He noticed Michu. Now, the ovetense, sports director of Burgos, He wanted to give him a gift and sent him a shirt from his current club with its name, the number 17 on the back and a signature on the elastic.The gesture has not gone unnoticed by the striker of Borussia de Dortmund, who has not hesitated to thank him on social networks and show the deep admiration he feels for being a Swansea footballer. “Wow, what a legend“Haaland wrote on Twitter, accompanying the message with hastagh # Nice2Michu, as a reference to the pun that went viral in the Premier on the arrival of the attacker and which in Spanish translates as a “nice to meet you“. He did not settle for that alone and referred to the reasons why he idolized him in his day. Haaland shared with his followers Michu’s statistics in the 2012-13 season, in which he scored 22 goals and won the League Cup. In addition to the retuit, the fashion forward wrote: “The streets will never forget you“Of course, mentioning the personal account of the sports director of Burgos, with whom he already has a direct link. Who would tell them a few years ago that one was going to be the European sensation and the other was going to be the idol of a crack? ‘ world.Last week, in the previous Dortmund-PSG, Michu dedicated a few words to the striker in AS. “It is an honor to notice me. It is a great player. I think it will become a world crack. Of course, he is a much better player than me“he said with a laugh. But he did not want the link between the two to remain in that simple detail and has chosen to contact him directly. Idolized and admired, united.last_img read more

Cracks of the 21st century: Pino, the new Canary promise

first_imgYéremi Pino (Gran Canaria, 2002) is one of the last footballers to stand out in the always fruitful Canarian youth academy. It is a classic end, with one against one, speed, snatch and good ball hitting in the centers. But, in addition, he meets conditions that allow him to adapt to modern football: he likes to step on the area and has a great goal. That allows him to be able to occupy three demarcations: extreme by any of the two bands and even false nine. On the right, being right-handed, he acts as a classic winger, looking for a baseline, while on the left he likes to throw diagonals to exploit his good punch. Pino enjoys mobility, being able to switch positions several times during a match.Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Pino began to take his first steps as a footballer in the Barrio Atlántico. He then moved on to Hurricane before drawing the attention of Las Palmas. In 2016, being Cadet’s first year, a key moment in his career occurred: Andrés Clavijo called him to play with the Canarian team the Spanish Championship played at the La Salud stadium in Tenerife. In that tournament, full of scouts, Yéremi stood out. Villarreal and Barcelona contacted his family and agents to convey their interest in incorporating him into their quarries, since he was free. Finally, Pino opted for the people of Castellón. The economic offer was important on the part of both clubs, but in the sporting field Villarreal offered him a project to reach the first team in a few years. They shielded him with a four-year contract and a three million euro clause.Pino is also a fixture in the lower categories of the Spanish team, where he had to live what has been the worst moment of his career so far. He was summoned to play the U-17 World Cup that took place in Brazil at the end of 2019. He was one of the important pieces of La Rojita, but only one day before the start of the championship he had to return to Spain. An accidental shot in training caused an eye trauma that prevented him from playing in the tournament. It is a thorn that Yéremi still has stuck and that he hopes to be able to remove in the future …last_img read more

What the Royal accepts for training, according to the Royal Decree

first_imgThe Higher Sports Council, as confirmed to AS, has reiterated to the Royal Society the restrictions contemplated in Royal Decree 463/2020, for which the state of alarm was declared on March 14. Thus, The CSD reminds the San Sebastian team that they cannot train.However, as he points out Iusport, he The literal wording of the Royal Decree does not prevent clubs from allowing their players to go to training. And at that point the Royal Society is supported to allow their footballers to go to Zubieta if they wish.As Iusport collects, the Royal Decree contemplates as a containment measure in article 10 the prohibition of opening to the public to sports venues. Workers are not public. It would be the public attendance that is not allowed.Article 10.3 reads as follows: Article 10: containment measures in the field of commercial activity, cultural facilities, establishments and recreational activities, hotel and restaurant activities, and other activities.3. The opening to the public of museums, archives, libraries, monuments, as well as premises and establishments where public shows take place, is suspended. sports activities and of leisure indicated in the annex of this royal decree.So, Real Sociedad authorizes its players to go to work and is supported by what is stated in article 7., which talks about Assumptions considered to allow reduced mobility of people and one of them is going to work. Once the prohibitions on non-essential activities are lifted this Monday.Article 7. Limitation of the freedom of movement of people.7. c. Travel to the workplace to carry out your work, professional or business provision.last_img read more

“When Barça wanted to sign me, Mourinho and Pinto da Costa ran away from me”

first_imgIn 2004, Porto won the Champions League just as Mourinho warned. The coach closed his stage there and wanted to reinforce his first project at Chelsea with the base of the European champion. Deco was among them but the president kept his promise and the Brazilian chose Barcelona. “When Mourinho went to Chelsea in 2004, he wanted to take me. Chelsea offered between 30 and 35 million and Barça only 21. I told Jorge Mendes that for what Barcelona Pinto da Costa paid, he would not let me go. I spoke to the president and told him that I knew there was Barcelona’s offer and also what Chelsea was offering. “You are going where you want. I promised and I will keep it,” he told me. That story marked me a lot because it says a lot about the person, “explained the midfielder. Years later, Deco did end up at Chelsea although it was after triumphing in both Porto and Barcelona. In London he did not coincide with Jose Mourinho but continued to expand his record, in which he already had two European Cups (2004 and 2006). After Chelsea, he moved to Fluminense, where he hung up his boots in 2013. In July 2004, Barcelona signed Deco, one of the key players in the Blaugrana club’s successful journey in the first decade of the 2000s. The Portuguese arrived as a consecrated star in the European champion Porto but Barcelona was already interested a year before he conquered the Champions, as revealed Now Deco himself in an interview with Ricardo Rocha, formerly of Real Madrid.It was the summer of 2003 and Deco, UEFA champion with Porto, was already interested in Barcelona but Mourinho knew that he needed him to win the Champions League. Between Setúbal’s and President Pinto da Costa they ‘dizzy’ the player to stay. “In 2003, Barcelona wanted to hire me. President Pinto da Costa was running away from me and Mourinho, too. I remember that Mourinho told me that he would let me out but that he had to speak to the president. So, he would speak to the president and he would tell me I had to talk to Mourinho, who had told him that we were going to be European champions. I started laughing and told the president that winning UEFA was fine but that the Champions were not going to win it. Pinto da Costa assured me that Mourinho had told him that we had options to win and promised me that the following year I could go wherever I wanted. For a month and a half I was nervous and playing poorly but I recovered my level and the following year Barcelona returned to be interested in me, like other clubs, “Deco confessed.last_img read more

Irene Guerrero, the captain of Betis whom Gordillo discovered

first_imgQuarantine as a “moment of reflection”After a difficult season, in which she has suffered a severe injury and the death of her father, a fundamental pillar in her life, Irene Guerrero is very positive for what will come and looks at the quarantine as a “moment of reflection” to mature and learn from mistakes. “At home I always learned that when faced with problems, people have to grow up and try to rise from each fall stronger,” says the Andalusian midfielder, who hopes to finish the season. “Our goal has always been to keep the team as high as possible in the standings. From the locker room we want to ask the RFEF that we want to end the season. We are aware of the situation that exists and that health comes first, but we do not want to suspend the competition. The break has been bad for us because we were on an upward line in terms of good feelings, “stresses Irene Guerrero.A good performance of the team thanks in part to the arrival to Pier’s dressing room, of which Irene Guerrero only has “words of thanks”. “Pier knew how to give us back that joy, confidence and freedom to be able to act accordingly with the situations that were coming”, exposes the Baetian footballer, who has set a routine of studies and training during this quarantine. “During the confinement I have lived through different stages. At first I was very shocked because I felt lonely without the ball. I am getting used to it and I think that this time is also helping me to think about everything, mature a lot and become stronger. I try to keep a routine, with time to train, read and study, which I am training in areas such as nutrition, sports psychology, etc. “, highlights the green-and-white captain, who does not neglect her training despite being able to dedicate herself professionally to soccer . “The life of a footballer is beautiful, but short”, sentence. The paths of Irene Guerrero and Betis were destined to intersect. The player, born in the crib, always dreamed of wearing the thirteen bars. An impossible dream for a girl who did not even have a team or female references to follow, as Irene herself remarks in an interview with AS: “The impossible is only impossible until someone arrives and achieves it.” That someone for Irene was Rafael Gordillo. The former player and legend of Betis, where he is now director of institutional relations, He was the discoverer of which he has captained the Verdiblanco team since his promotion to Primera, four seasons ago.Everything took place, as in the great stories, in a fortuitous date in the Seville neighborhood of Las Almenas, where Irene gave her first kicks to a ball. In the middle of a bar conversation between friends and acquaintances, including Gordillo and Irene Guerrero’s father, the name of the now soccer player from Bética came up, whom her father called and lived the one who would be one of the most important moments of his career. “Gordillo said to me: ‘Good evening, I am Rafael Gordillo’ and I, who did not even know who he was, replied: ‘Good evening, and I am Irene Guerrero’. Everybody was laughing. I was Baetic, but I was very small and I didn’t know him. When I found out who he was, I saw that he had screwed up, “confesses Irene Guerrero, who actually put a foot in, but in women’s football.” We did a test there with an improvised ball and she told me that the next day I would go to school Heliopolis and to say it was on his side. From there it was when I started my career in football. Thanks to Gordillo I played in my first (men’s) soccer team. If it wasn’t for him, the same thing today I wouldn’t be playing “, says the midfielder.From promise to star, Irene Guerrero has become an emblem of the Verdiblanco team. “I am not aware of everything we move. When a boy or a girl tells me that I am their benchmark, it fills me with pride and satisfaction,” stresses the Spanish international who, after that first experience, which would end up marking him, played in the Seville before landing at Betis. “JI played in Sevilla because Betis Féminas did not exist. When it appeared, I didn’t think twice. Wearing the Betis shirt is a great satisfaction. There is nothing greater for any player than defending the team’s shirt that he has in his heart “, indicates the ‘8’ of Betis, who only thinks of “fulfill dreams at the hands of Betis” and “take him to the top of the table, where he deserves to be.”last_img read more