Station group operation is cheating

station is not cheating


before the station group cheating gradually spread, in fact, many large companies have a lot of content or site theme different website group, like government websites, portals and now classified information and other large sites, or use independent domain name, or use the two level domain established a large number of websites. Not to Shanghai dragon as a starting point to do itself and this group, each site is relatively independent, professional content and relatively independent operation, no serious robbery and malicious search engine traffic, so it’s not cheating. For example, Sohu, CBSI, the 58 city have a large number of sites, but will not be search engine cheating.

in the book that ruffian

cheating station group is often a person or a team to the operation of the engine is not to judge a site collection stations search, will certainly be judged these sites have what in common, according to the quality of website content and links of health to determine the degree of the cheating stations and the impact on the extent of search results thus, make corresponding treatment measures. The search engine can get all the information collection sites are likely to be used to identify this site set whether the station group, such as IP are the same, the domain name registration information is the same, and use the CMS template website whether all >


is now in the Shanghai dragon station group generally refers to the popular form of cheating. The starting point is the following two points: that even the average site every day only dozens of IP, if there are 1000 sites, 1000 sites that every day, every day there are tens of thousands of IP; search engine search results page 10 general results, at best, for non website brand word, a general a website only occupies a position, if there are 10 or 20 sites, you can have more opportunities to occupy the same keyword search results page position, the search flow so as to maximize the keywords. Due to flooding method and software, the new station is a lot of content acquisition, keyword stuffing and manufacturing waste garbage collection site links, thus forcing the search engine to stand group cheating crackdown. In fact, station group is not cheating, but many cheating stations have not been the search engine to identify and punish.

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cheating identification and operation station group

so you really want to do station group from Shanghai dragon angle, to study the search engine is not regarded as cheating in these stations, in order to avoid the search engine punishment. Then the search engine will normally be based on what to identify cheating station group

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