ncluded on the old domain search engine

2: Google: Google now although not how China market since she went to Hongkong for a period of time included continuous decline, but the basic tone is very stable now included. It is very urgent for the old station included generally two, three days. But no new sites included fast. Because it should be put before included. A collection of content basically is rarely, one or a few pages. Then slowly increase included. But now that it contains is stable. But Baidu is now ranked in increasing the reverse link is easy, but the content and the chain of googel is very important, only rely on the chain is not enough. At the same time, the chain will often increase the effects of relatively large.

4:sogou:sogou is also included than the previous three slow, generally three to four days were included. At the same time the home should be analyzed. And then slowly in a page or page included.

The first is a

old domain is the domain name registered at the same time also had the fee. The two is the domain name registration and bonding at a site in the use of the domain name or in a variety of situations and stop parsing.


1: we first talk about baidu. Baidu is now a all the search engines fast. Old domain name do not have to upload or add some publicity as long as the website information included in a day. At the same time a collection of content from the beginning of the dozens or hundreds of pages, reduced to a few pages, and re arrange collection and contrast may ". The old domain name Baidu is generally included in the original and pseudo original from.

Internet competition is too fierce, big size daily website. Especially the electronic commerce station is very competitive, we not only face the competition but not on Baidu algorithm and artificial intervention. We have developed a new website no matter what links can not be careless. The 7 camel network is a simple analysis about the old domain name in the search engines situation.

3:Soso:soso it is also very fast is generally two to four days, at the same time, it is also very much in general are dozens of pages or hundreds of pages are more than Baidu or googel than included many, it included the beginning is not very stable. Then finally included slowly began to catch information website. It can be said that his record is Baidu and a baby of third major search engines. At the same time, soso traffic is now in Chinese in third.

5:Yahoo and Bing: the two search engine traffic basically less and less, but it is also slow. At the same time, Bing generally included only included a page. And then have to wait a long time slowly included a few pages. Yahoo this thing is also included is slower than bing. At the same time included a page. At the same time, if your domain name parsing, some of the old page is still at the start of the new station page included is included is very slow.

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