Four simple station optimization to improve website ranking


for general search engine to use pictures, FLASH, JS code as the anchor text navigation website is not so cold, we all know that the three are not conducive to the spider crawling, although the search engine can realize some simple pictures, but in words and pictures, or a text search engine love point. So, don’t let the website to display some fancy in navigation using a lot of.

so that the optimized title is very important, many webmaster put up to keywords in the title, so to improve the ranking, in fact, if piled up too many keywords in the title, it is easy to search engine optimization found excessive, and the site is not to improve the rankings but the site is down right or even by K.



can also be like the thunder movie like writing, the words are reasonable in the title, but will not cause suspicion of stack, as shown in figure

, a website title

is the main site regardless of title, is the name of the web site or web page content title, one of the most important both possible words. He said the website title, we all know to add keywords in the website in the title can let the keywords get better ranking, but the owners need to bear in mind is do not stack keywords. We can write this website title, like Shanghai as a simple title, as shown in figure

is the most common site optimization is very basic is also very important details of the processing details such as title, pictures of ALT tag, navigation etc.. Only in the station optimization do well to reach the station optimization details combines to achieve a perfect high ranking. Today I mainly talked about how to optimize the station to improve website rankings a few simple details.

webmaster every day to adjust a series of optimization strategies according to their website, and more attention to the optimization of the webmaster is not high, resulting in most of the time because the station optimization does not do well, the website ranking cannot reach the height. Relatively speaking, site optimization now is no longer outside the station optimization, search engine pay more attention to the user experience is occurring in the station, so the search engine could also begin to pay attention to the details of the site optimization.


site navigation

site navigation is to let the user can know what type of website includes from the home page, and the navigation is also a spider crawling into the web page content channels, for the optimization of processing natural navigation needs to meet the user experience should accord with search engine optimization. Generally speaking, try to use text links for navigation and tree structure.

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