For beginner adviceHow do you benefit from the shlf1314 economy

in the shlf1314 economy, shlf1314 is to distinguish do things carelessly, double role: search for users to provide information, as the advertising agency on its own website and other websites advertising. As an advertising agent, its related services are shlf1314, AdWords and shlf1314 AdSense. shlf1314 offers ads based on search on its Web site, which has proved to be very successful because advertising is based on user intentions, is more relevant, and has higher reading rates. According to other web content ads, the effect is relatively poor, and the logic analysis alone, when we go to browse a page, is not as ready as search, want to see the ad. If the shlf1314 effect of advertising is also used to observe the long tail theory, providing advertising on its own website, a relatively small range, basically in the head, to provide advertisements on other sites, then suddenly greatly expand the scope of the extension of the long tail. In short, shlf1314 has economies of scale and benefits in advertising.

new friends do not just focus on the "mail making money", "click on the money" and other projects, we should focus on a larger field. Such as online advertising, e-commerce. Because these projects really make a lot of money. In short, only the mentality of flat, more learning, more summary, in order to really feel the fun of making money online.

in any case, search engines like shlf1314 and sh419 have revolutionized the Internet Ecosystem, and many web sites are beginning to flow largely from search engines. For small sites, in addition to the "cooperation" to let their website become "search engine friendly". Of course, there is an own website to provide better search, apparently not everyone is doing well, is a small example, I now online bookstores will search with Douban first, and then link to such as Dangdang online bookstore this up, it is because Dangdang provide their own search usability is not high.

site tutorial "how to use the Internet to make money", general talk about ways to make money online. New friends can help clear understanding of what is going on in wangzhuan. Everyone in the Wangzhuan site to see the "surf" mail "money" money "survey of money" "money" project, is a low level Wangzhuan project. If you do these projects, you can hardly make any money if you do it yourself. Only through the strong pull line promotion methods many, see "Wangzhuan promotion skills" can have gains. As far as I know, the most powerful of these projects can earn about $2000 a month, and the number of referrals is tens or hundreds. And hundreds of projects have been made. But they have a very high traffic website publicity, but also engage in Wangzhuan for at least 1 years. For a beginner, usually a month can only earn 50 dollars. unless you have a strong ability to pull off the assembly line or a high traffic website publicity so we must be flat mentality, do not want to ask for the moon.

networks make money? Of course. How much money can you make? This is different from person to person. Some people make millions of dollars a month, others lose a lot. The percentage of successful people is very small. Most did not make much money. For starters, unless you have a very unique practices or ideas, or any Wangzhuan project, through which all of a sudden want to earn a lot of money, is not realistic.

heard that many people make money through the network can also see a lot of Wangzhuan websites said above, what what project let you earn hundreds of day, month earn thousands of what. Very excited, think do Wangzhuan can make a fortune. Even going to resign immediately, do Wangzhuan full-time. Here, I will give some advice to my friends who have this idea. actually I had that idea too.


networks make money, either by successfully running one or more large websites. Or use a variety of network marketing methods to sell offline products. For ordinary users, just contact to Wangzhuan, wanted to make a lot of money, is not practical. So, beginner must put the mentality, do try several projects. Not seeking much, but refinement. Several projects have been done before we have the confidence and experience.

There are two cases of


large websites working with shlf1314, and there are two types: shlf1314 advertising agreement with news group in August this year. According to HitWise data, News Corp’s MySpace traffic is the largest site in the United states. In accordance with the cooperation agreement between the two sides, shlf1314 will pay $900 million to the News Corporation in at least three years. MySpace invites shlf1314, Microsoft, and YAHOO to bid for the value of traffic through search advertising, which is Myspac>

larger companies benefit from the shlf1314 economy, improving web design and strengthening their own search, are not entirely applicable to small and medium sized websites. For example, YouTube Myspace’s website especially, browse their volume is very large, its also has a good internal search, but cannot achieve the commercial value, this is because advertisers grasp in the hands of shlf1314, could not get so much in the long tail of advertisers through set up its own ad sales team. In fact, since advertising sales teams usually have higher costs, they can only make big advertising sales, which do not match the long tail of advertising.

new friends can find a few good projects, and vigorously promote. So energy can be taken into account. At the same time, learn more about it. Understand the characteristics and circumstances of various projects in their field as soon as possible. Understand the technology of friends, it is best to build a special site, publicity and promotion projects. In this way, you can get the fastest improvement.

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