Shanghai dragon thinking Riding


. A lot of Shanghai dragon service team encountered similar problems, if you consult some Internet companies, they will give you a firm belief, the specific time to what extent, why? You or they mastered the core technology of Shanghai dragon world? This way, ask you a very wide spread, many hazards eight by: content is king, the chain for the emperor. Do you know what kind of content, the content of the search engine is love? What kind of content will be ranked in the forefront? The chain, the chain what is effective? Every day;

believe that many employees have seen Shanghai Longfeng summary of the previous search engine adjustment time rule table, also read some prawns summary of the search engine algorithm Daquan, but really useful? Who can use the specific time node of the search engine to do what to inform you? Who can guarantee that the search engine ranking has been in a position? Search engine adjustment really is tracked? It should be in the search engine adjustment period still has its own way, please take advantage of, or hard work? No law, not without a clue? If so, who can’t be evergreen, why do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Why every day do the content, do the chain? Not as simple self growth, everything will be very serene. Don’t struggle, you will live more wonderful? The birth of the search engine will in order to facilitate information aggregation and retrieval, and we in the favor of search engines, so that their heart victory of the heart in time, whether you are a personal site or enterprise site optimization, if your profit pattern or publicity mode is not through the Internet, so you can be assured of the complete search engine as a tool to show there is no show also is a good thing, never mind, because it does not affect your core interests. So, for the adjustment of the search engine is necessary to study? Through a large amount of data benchmark, web log analysis, web site adjustment trend map for study self closed and effective? Sure, but very tired! So, how to do? It is a tangled thing. Please think about two questions: what is the highest state of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon Er how to break

on the two website keywords: why

? ?

search engine on: regular adjustment of

always fluctuations?This question is difficult to answer

recently, the Fujian Shanghai dragon has been thinking about. Before writing to give yourself a chance to study in emotional consideration is not comprehensive, and then published the enterprise training to service team of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment, aimed at a more comprehensive exposition of his management philosophy. A team needs a leader, but if the leader cannot become the spirit of soul, then the team also need to exercise, running in. The attribution of the accountability system can fit each team based on how to create iron? This is the core combat team? Fujian Shanghai dragon thinking. So for the Shanghai Phoenix, here puts forward three points of thinking, nature is to tell Shanghai dragon company, Shanghai dragon learning needs long-term adherence to

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