Shanghai Dragon technology has changed much over the past 10 years


but we actually observe the user access data does affect the page ranking, this is not a contradiction? Artificial intelligence may be the answer.

the data on the influence ranking Posts mentioned user access, so far, the search engine engineers have repeatedly denied their own website traffic statistics used in the ranking algorithm. Possible causes include:

wrote AlphaGo, deep learning and the Shanghai dragon last year, on the Internet to see some people say I don’t see in nonsense, a new term to pull Shanghai dragon. After a year, do not know, is there anyone who think artificial intelligence will influence and change the idea of Shanghai dragon is nonsense.

October 2015, AlphaGo with a 5:0 win over European Championship Chess fan hui. This news came out in January 2016.

sites do not use search engine statistics service, how to give the website ranking

2015, noble baby on-line deep learning algorithms based on RankBrain, and that RankBrain is the third largest ranking factors. (the top two ranking factors is the content and links) RankBrain is mainly used to find the words do not match with the user query (and hence the traditional ranking algorithm is not effective), but is actually a very good answer the user’s query page. Remember this is a bit of a mouthful of words, because love Shanghai has similar algorithm, and earlier than the noble baby, next time write.

artificial intelligenceFirst look at the

different scenes, user behavior in different ways. Jump out rate is high, does not necessarily represent the quality of the page is not high.

May 2014, Wu Enda joined the love Shanghai, chief scientist, is mainly responsible for the AI certainly. In March 20, 2017, Wu Enda resigned. This artificial intelligence itself should have nothing to do with the new boss, see below.


2011, Wu Enda founded the noble baby Brain, a large scale artificial neural network. May be the earliest noble baby artificial intelligence project.

over the past few years, the field of artificial intelligence, and search a few noteworthy thing about:

The recent development of


noise is too big, too easy to cheat. See previous clicks, now Shanghai sex fast row number, you know how much the market was cheating. Not only for your brush, and brush to competitors, the brush high bounce rate.

over the past year, search engine, or to expand the Internet industry, is undoubtedly the most popular topic of artificial intelligence. Over the past 10 years, Shanghai Dragon Technology and method is not what big changes, all these years I felt for the first time, the near future, Shanghai dragon will be completely changed in artificial intelligence.

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