Some long tail keywords optimization techniques


1. single page title

for example: why, how a series of questions, the long tail word words are combined with the group, no problem can not find the answer, so I used a series of rhetorical words to search, when users search to this problem, see is not the answer you want, it may be another word search, or walking away.

Most of the ?

: a long tail word needs to satisfy three conditions:

2. to achieve high precision flow

3. is the long tail word user behavior habits, to meet user behavior

is the one and only, cannot have the title of the party is suspected to contain the word long tail keywords, the best use of love Shanghai word, "you also appear when the user search keywords.

3. single page

1. flow is infinite, the user is infinite (such as: love, Shanghai) Jingdong limited


target keyword traffic is a certain extent, the target keywords don’t necessarily have the flow of love, Shanghai index is only the value flow, love Shanghai index also can brush, caused many owners choose target keywords is too dependent on the index, no index of the word do not flow, the long tail of the word brings conversion intention to customers the rate is very high, can love Shanghai word writing site title, most of them are on the page to achieve the rankings, included many, such as the website weight also increased, the long tail word ranking also will increase, then I have to optimize the long tail word ranking

through the search engine to find our website is this demand, but he does not open the web site will be under orders, or rely on our communication, maybe next time will again visit direct orders, are very precise flow, long tail flow is to search in order to solve the problem, solve the his problem, resulting in the purchase intention.

was the first to understand what factors of the long tail right down, what factors affect the long tail keywords ranking

love Shanghai is the public know, some users love to set the home page is hao123 or love Shanghai, the Internet will go directly to the Shanghai love search, there are also a few people will directly enter the website address or other entrance, love Shanghai users is increasing with the increase of Internet users, Jingdong sell appliances, this need only go there to browse, can not be idle boring to Jingdong, not necessarily to the Jingdong where to buy appliances, also will not say to Taobao, the user is limited.

2. single page elements

two: how to let the long tail theory? Long tail optimization analysis,

if the user can not solve the problem is not good, you have the readability of the content in the end? Is to help users solve the problem, or.

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