Love Shanghai why share thumb disappeared

third points, the evaluation is more important than to share. The search results of search engine, in addition to the traditional sorting algorithm, real option is now increasingly focused on real users, such as search add > 360

at the time, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er summarizes some love Shanghai to share some experience, such as the home of the Shanghai love share number effect is good, love must return to Shanghai to share, account must have fans, the residence time must be long, love must be installed before there are results of Shanghai statistics etc.. But now, Shanghai has quietly disappeared love thumb……


this is a picture of love before Shanghai share shows, from the network:

one thing love Shanghai only a short while ago, the thumb and the webmaster talked about love, although the authorities in Shanghai have declared Shanghai love to share data and has no effect on love Shanghai ranking algorithm, but or to look good or some psychological comfort, many owners still love brush some love Shanghai share, so we can see a lot of love in Shanghai share mutual brush group and from time to time by some inexplicable Q asked, want to share website

first, love Shanghai to share some brush, led to many small station data is not accurate, it is difficult to apply in such as ranking factors. For some factors will be used in the ranking factors, we always think that there must be some real and reliable data as the basis, otherwise the data will be distorted seriously. Shanghai love sharing as a social sharing software, if all the people don’t cheat, is a very useful reference for judging the page value and the real user behavior, but the reality is cruel, a lot of "real users" can be simulated, especially the small and medium-sized website popularity is not itself. Share very limited amount of data, so the application in the calculation of some problems.


second, Shanghai share love as one of the user rating website standard, if this only shows a latitude unfair. So, love Shanghai with a small triangle instead of following contains direct collection, sharing, evaluation, reporting and other functions of the four, the show became a user can directly manipulate the behavior, it can not only give users more choices, you can directly see other users of the evaluation, and the more important is this highlights Shanghai love account value, love Shanghai can grasp more real user behavior.

but now rarely see search results with the thumb, share love Shanghai as a jiathis, and bShare as a social sharing tool, but it more than other sharing tools more conducive to spider crawling, and you can view the real share data, so big it is recommended that you continue to support and install the social sharing software, provide a better experience for users and search. Then love Shanghai to share the thumb why magically quietly disappeared, a large coke that has the following main points:

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