Now you must pay attention to the site optimization of several Shanghai Longfeng optimization basic

first, Shanghai dragon should develop its own diversified key words. Many webmaster mentioned in Shanghai dragon about keyword ranking, do not know the website optimization competition is increasing, how much energy we consume subject ranking, and even if the subject did love Shanghai home, will the unrest from time to time, in my opinion, we will continue to optimize the main word but will do best to concentrate in the long tail word or auxiliary words, traffic and conversion is the core, and it brings more traffic to the site is thought to optimize the long tail optimization, why don’t we change

third, don’t entangled in their own words ranking. With the current enterprise more and more rational, the keywords ranking many corporate executives tend to look very pale, and as a result they are most concerned about the problem, so every day and see the rankings, ranked in the tangle, I get very frustrated, I suggest more than Jingxiaxinlai, we the intentions to do website data analysis, analysis of the long tail word user attention, the user’s attention and optimize your consistent point, those words are not considered, we should continue to increase the key vocabulary, through the accumulation, bring traffic and conversion more quality, but not every day for a few key words themselves at a loss the ranking of tangled.


fourth, to try to improve the structure of the website. The author found that the structure of the website is directly affect the subsequent articles included and user experience, a lot of the time structure of the site must be in the new station on the line before we will adjust and improve, but instead, many enterprise site construction did not pay attention to the details, resulting in line after many functional modules to meet user needs, or affect the user’s reading experience, so we have to pay attention to adjust the structure of every moment, because of the different period of website design style and direction are also different, as Shanghai dragon Er we will keep up with the new trend, so the change of user requirements, for structure adjustment is the webmaster should have.

we know, website optimization details are very important in the current search engine upgrade optimization algorithm, Shanghai dragon is also rising, so as a webmaster, I think we don’t chew, can not be ignored at any time for the Shanghai based dragon grasp, so, we should do the basic knowledge from those aspects of

second, we must pay attention to social media for the influence of the website. The current search engine optimization, the most care about is the user experience, users of different browsers in different parts of the search on our website. Especially for the current active social media ", such as our company WeChat, micro-blog, the number of public official blog etc. these interactive platform increased sharply, we want to help these users interact more frequently in the media to continue to enhance the company’s brand image, enhance the user awareness for our products and corporate culture in the indirect aspects, will undoubtedly promote the site’s activity, so we must not neglect social media.


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