Keywords essential skills ranked 2013 Continued

1, one can see that the first factor is the baby + may some Adsense is a new web site to do, Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques is not too clear, so do not understand the noble baby + it is equivalent to an Internet social networking platform, similar to Facebook or Twitter, in a China renren贵族宝贝, happy net, QQ space community, is the social platform to share information. Here, we should be more aware of how much impact of social factors on our social factors ranked! I mentioned before, we combined the data here, you should know the importance of social factors.

third, the content factors don’t ignore

first, we look at a set of data, the main factors of influence ranking chart. The data comes from a well-known foreign website, through the more than 30 10000 websites information analysis data. As we all know, a lot of love Shanghai algorithm and the strategy is to study Google, it still has considerable reference value of this data.

in the last quarter of 2013 "essential skills" keyword ranking (I) we mainly talked about the changes of keywords ranking factors, this section is mainly for everyone to see several sets of data, through data analysis to summarize the Optimization Countermeasures of our website, then began to talk about the second point below the last.


2, continued to see the number of backlinks. In fact, this factor is that we are familiar with the chain. The number of reverse link quality is quite high and the influence of the rankings, so the chain we still need to insist to do. On the chain, actually this is not conflict with the 1 factors, mutual assistance. Through social factors, can effectively improve the quality of the chain and the chain. For example, love Shanghai share share articles, you can also use the love sea top interact. Some friends may share if you brush to brush, share it here do not recommend their brush, brush each other can find some groups, because they love Shanghai brush filter, we need effective sharing, only effective sharing will bring traffic, improve the ranking.

second, focus on Influence Factors of


4, then look down, you will find that there is a stop word in the percentage of reverse link. What is the stop word? It is, some gray words or negative words, no rain the meaning of the word, such as Chinese in "" "" "" and so on. The reverse link is meaningless, everyone should be well understood.

3, look at the following Faceboook comments and praise etc.. In fact, the people are familiar with, like QQ like space. More comments, interactive sex is stronger, but also more conducive to your ranking. For nofollow this problem, love Shanghai if it is recommended to use.

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