The five reason analysis of Web site keywords ranking 11

most of the time, the site 11 phenomenon is caused by the Links. For example, your web site links to a right to be reduced or K off site will cause 11 bit. For Links, webmaster should regularly check the various factors, make sure your web site will not be dragged down by Links. After all, Links just to get the same kind of website has a lot of communication, if it hurt their site is really good. So, find your own web site in 11 wandering, should be the first to check the Links have bad situation, found that poor should timely adjust, moved to the inside pages or notice to delete links. So it does not make website mayhem.

site outside the chain caused by


site outside the chain up sometimes drop sometimes is the most easy to make a web site into 11 place. Is the author of a web site, each love Shanghai big update, the website chain would not use the single digits to count, are hundreds of jump, jumped up at that moment to jump. Is this, the website often sit in eleventh place, how can not go. This is the website of the cause caused by the chain. We all know that the increase of the chain must be in a steady state continues to increase, so, in order to keep the site into 11, so it is best not to let the chain or roller coaster.

, a Links caused by


hovering in the main object eleventh is good, some traffic weight can and are also the website ranking. Usually the site into the 11 want to turn over the need to do a lot of efforts, such as web content to more quality, more widely chain. Another case is that your website is in love Shanghai site inspection period, because the drop right after or flow, but the flow is very few, so in the site around eleventh, how should we solve, make the site get out of this vicious circle? There are four main points:

today updated free today, a few days and busy, put the work aside to update, until what time free update again. It’s the renewal of the law for >

Three, buy black chain

four, website content update

know the one-way import links can quickly increase the weight ranking web site. So I want to buy the link to promote quickly, and for a time a lot of import links will make the search engine to find, think of your website is not in the normal way, but the search engine drill loopholes, so naturally put up your site in 11 suspended in midair. We all know that his black chain is not stable, such links even weight high, also won’t have what effect on the website, pen to suggest, if you want to buy, it is best to find some good reputation, but also the chain to buy it, so buy the rest assured, with ease.

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