Share ten points about the web page optimization techniques

many colleagues think, as long as the content of the website well, and put the rankings do go up, the flow will follow up, in that it is not comprehensive, reasonable setting between page and page on the website of the same flow plays an important role, especially in the final page of the article, it is among the heavy today. I share my skills on the ten website page optimization, in the end there is mystery what

> text node

two: set up automatic flip function

three: learn to do at the news

four: good keywords within the chain


many users when browsing the web is not used to keep the flip operation especially those picture page, so open an automatic flip function is convenient to. There are many Internet users in the open a new page, not to close the current page, if you can make it more out of the PV automatic page, not white do not flow.

2, the middle of the body: text links.

Below 4,

1, Title: in the main text link based

to add some reasonable amount of pictures in the content inside, one is to make the content of illustrations, lively and vivid, the two is to increase the length of the article is that the paging easier, three is to increase user viscosity, because the picture content than text more attractive. Therefore, know recommended you to do some graphic content (pictures must add the ATL attribute), like many QQ, MSN news directly by the pictures and description form.

on the page Very good ?

website a theme of the article is too long, will not only increase the page size, the page loading speed becomes slow, but also allows users to browse very convenient. The more important one is that a page that will be more than N PV *_*. Therefore, it is necessary to paginate, content of the page, how long a page, according to actual circumstances, the standard is not caused by the user objectionable is good.

makes full use of the page to add a small amount of graphic recommendation or advertising, can do to promote the station, also can be used interchangeably to other websites, which focus on the position of four:

five: set up a graphic recommendation or advertising a

3, the right is: do not try to put on the left side, because of "the scroll bar on the right, the mouse is usually in this position, users encounter interesting links, click very convenient.

in sufficient conditions under the condition of adding some popular keywords in the articles, pictures can also be done on the hyperlink (chain), pointing to the related column and web pages do not need what technical content, often do the webmaster can, now a lot of advertising are using this form of advertising.

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