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must first explain the 2013 version of the QQ picture is not representative of online, the biggest change is not understood by everyone.

has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, every QQ message is sent by mobile phone, 65%. Most of the time to carry a mobile phone, plus the ability to push, the news is up to the instant. QQ users are also very active, although not 24 hours online, but the use of high frequency, and push QQ mobile phone, even if the other party is not in the PC end, the general can quickly be seen. The sender of the message, the heart is looking forward to communicate information and receive feedback as soon as possible as soon as possible, because this picture is not bright is cognitive offline, will hinder the message of motivation, so the adjustment of the original intention is to let QQ have ready communication cognition, like SMS, very high reliability, before don’t you have a mobile phone.

[the] Francisco mobile phone QQ2013 the latest version of Apple’s APP store shelves in the latest. Only 4 days, more than 3.8 users commented on this version, more than 90% people gave only a star rating. Users Tucao focus on to see friends are online, not easy to exit. However, any product function adjustment, there should always be behind the product concept as support. Then, the new version of mobile phone product manager QQ

The expression of

picture content, except on behalf of a friend, all the time in the past by "light" incidental expression is online, this is a more than 10 year old habits, one of the most important cognitive QQ. The direct impact of this cognition brings, can communicate online is not online, who is sent a message can not immediately reply to PC, typical features of the times. Because the computer is not portable, not on the Internet at any time.

on the mobile phone version of QQ2013 on the community:

?"There are quite a lot of gray Avatar is how to consider?The following is the answer from

in QQ, there is considerable interaction, not just chat, and spatial dynamics, expressed by the head, should be a more lively contacts, has a wealth of information and dynamic behind, is not just a chat state. Changes in the contact view, long ago in preparation, also analyzed the user behavior data, including communication object number, message volume, use time and so on, have done many interviews, daily communication high frequency communication when friends are very concentrated, don’t care about whether online, the message will be assured, for objects communicate less, even each other online, the typical prologue is: "Hi,


QQ, although the stealth is reasonable, but the information to some extent hindered the communication, originally had the words to say, because the gray head, to the mouth and swallowed, or to use other tools. Our goal is to provide easily without >

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