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however, this is not the key reason of "Chu orange" to do it. "Chu orange" Zhu Shijian my contacts, resources, reputation and other factors.

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chose to grow "Chu orange", from Zhu Shijian to the United States when he said: Sunkist Sunkist, beautiful appearance, no taste, but prices are very expensive. An advantage is that orange is the traditional crop of his native Yunnan Huaning county. He later told the staff, it is not proud, if one day the orange appearance, taste more than Sunkist, that is the real cattle. Zhu Shijian said, "whatever you do, fight for the first."

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a few years ago, the reporter has made two trips to Yunnan is located in the GASA Zhu Shijian orchard in Xinping county. Reporters estimated that the total cost of 2002 ~2009 is about 40000000 yuan. Zhu Shijian is willing to invest, the orchard built the size of a football pool, for orchard irrigation, water diversion project spent millions of yuan, organic fertilizer factory, cold, fresh fruit factory took about 9 million yuan. There are also land transfer fees, road construction and other expenses. The labour cost is about 2000000 yuan per year. The money was borrowed by Zhu Shijian from his former subordinates and friends.

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for the more than 70 year old man was left alone, about 40000000 yuan venture capital come from? Zhu Shijian has combed in Hongta group of people and things, because of his reputation is very high, although jailed for his reputation but not without any influence, but once the subordinates and friends have won support. Let the old Chu wish to achieve the entrepreneurial dream.


began planting Chu orange, Zhu Shijian baowaijiuyi, fall from the pinnacle of life, suffered jail, the pain of loss of female, all kinds of attack and did not destroy Zhu Shijian. The quality of the entrepreneur was very clear to him: to face the cruel reality and defeat it.

after a lapse of six years, Zhu Shijian once again listed orange, use of human resources, to achieve the smooth sales Chu orange. According to the reporter interview data of 2009, the national tobacco system will help him to consume 1 tons or so, the red group is a disciple of Zhu Shijian, a few years ago, the annual red group will help him to consume 400 tons, only more than 1 thousand tons of production was

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there was one detail. He liked driving very fast when he was in the car. He was very excited, and he was very excited. More than 80 year old, do not want to lose to the time, but also do not want to lose to the so-called fate. Zhu Shijian’s wife Ma Jingfen said: "in the past, a lot of people say the society, you do so well in the factory of Zhu Shijian, it is because the policy is good, Yunnan tobacco has become the factory to the richly endowed by nature, the carrying pole. He made the orchard to deny it."

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