n the website optimization analysis method with the industry website

two, use Adsense tools inquires the collected industry website. The weight included a website and website has a great relationship. We can use the chinaz贵族宝贝 and aizhan贵族宝贝 webmaster tools to inquires the site collected, including the number of pages included, included quantity growth, the content of the page to be collected from the query data and so on, we can judge that the query website construction, such as increasing frequency, "" is the original or false original etc. can be perceived.

we do website optimization work, generally need to understand and reference the same industry website, this way can understand the overall situation of the whole industry website, and also to clear their site in the whole industry site location, three to be the next step for their own optimization steps and optimize the key direction. So, when we optimize the site, how to analysis the industry website? I will be following with the analysis method of industry website listed for you, hope to all of these methods can help people in the website optimization.

Webmaster Tools query the same industry website keyword set and each keyword ranking information. Understand the keywords of same industry Web site settings, can be the reference for the selection of the keywords in our website. We must know the website optimization, set up the same industry website keywords, what we can do website keywords, which did not need to do, how to rank which keywords why people do, the other site keywords, which keywords why high ranking No. why, which keywords and so on, these can see some clues from each other on the site.

, a choice of several industry website keywords ranking high site, from the overall look at internal links, site title, Links, page navigation, sections, website content, the basic elements of these sites on the understanding of our website construction has to play a reference role. For example, the ratio of the website Links more, we can associate with each other is not the website because Links more than we got higher weight. For example, the internal link each other on the website in the form of what is, what kind of role on the website weight up. These aspects of understanding, can enable us to take advantage of others, on our website optimization is very good.

Three, using

four, use Adsense tools inquires the chain industry website (trans) construction. The chain construction is an important factor to do site optimization, we can through the webmaster tools query the other site outside the chain, the chain number increase (decrease), the quality of the chain, the chain of the source, the form of the chain and other information. The information on our website construction of the chain is very helpful. We can pick out the chain chain and some other website of our own website is not, then we’ll go to our web site outside the chain of these missing missed >

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