Love Shanghai introduced the automatic bidding to kill a bunch of customers around the company

love Shanghai to promote the automatic bid "function of the platform is free, because it is their own products, booking ranking accuracy should not be more than third party products, has a very big advantage in this regard. But with the customer most care function is that you want to set the price according to the rankings, and then under the constraint of the highest and lowest bid. (due to not see the official version, temporarily do not know whether there is the highest and lowest price constraint)

in the face of love Shanghai to promote their own "automatic bidding" function, I believe that the vast majority of users promotion is happy, without too much manpower cost and time, do marketing staff can easily do rankings, to better reflect the "strength" of the company, of course, someone happy people worry in the past few years, are not products, but there are millions of market demand, so in recent years there has been a lot of bidding platform company, the company changed to obtain a large number of Companies in a short period of time, from the initial price several hundred dollars a year to now up to the million, is already one of the industry’s peak times, believe in love "Shanghai home automatic auction" function is to destroy these companies devastating.

PS: this day Shanghai has been on the line of the tool "ranking tendency auto bid ranking tendency auto bid: only choice top three and top two, the first.

According to the

landing love Shanghai, click search promotion tool center – ranking selection tendency of automatic bid, click to use, you can enter.

currently has a user testing, has been ranked.

today, according to reliable sources, Shanghai love marketing channel of a subordinate agency staff revealed that Shanghai will love promotion platform in recent days to launch the "automatic bidding" tool, the message from the internal staff, so high reliability is very high, and the love from the open platform " Shanghai province; Xinbao " page love, Shanghai to promote their own "automatic bidding" is already ready.

(this figure is love Shanghai commercial service marketing tool "Xinbao about on-line automatic bidding screenshot, automatic competitive potential in the will)

(the figure for a third party auction platform automatic settings screenshot)

(the author and love Shanghai extension agent an employee’s chat, a marketing consultant said he has been training the function operation automatic bidding)

bit (IDC service provider Chinese name employees) guess, love Shanghai extended "automatic bidding" is beneficial to love Shanghai, love Shanghai now many customers are using third party software for automatic money or auto auction platform on the market generally do better auction platform a year about eight thousand yuan, Shanghai love millions of customers are accurate and their customers, so in recent years the emergence of a large number of automated auction platform company, focused on the sex Shanghai auto auction platform, the future is a blue ocean.

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