want to do image optimization you must learn these points

in the webmaster online everywhere you are chatting about the Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website article, because we all know that the text content types can be very good recognition and capture by spiders. But for the moment of the Internet, many websites or a picture based web site, for example, material picture sharing sites, for these optimization methods of text type website is not very applicable. So Xiaobian today to share some experience of doing optimization in the picture.

(two) ALT attribute.

(three) image loading speed.

CMS for a variety of mainstream now, after we upload pictures are automatically named >.

because the spider is no way good to grab pictures, so we only through the ALT attribute of the tag to write our picture description and keywords, let the spider better judgment we want to express the content. But more important is the need for the ALT attribute associated with our web page title, if you do not want to write out what, in fact the direct use of Title header as a description of ALT attributes can be, like small head station www.qqya.cc contents are all directly with the title as the ALT attribute description Oh, the effect is very good. Another point is that when writing ALT tags do not too long, or you’d better use the word to describe the discontinuous, long tag is not affected by the spider love oh.

for a web site, open the web page loading speed, the speed is very important, especially the picture stand, which is directly related to a website user experience, so when we release some of the content of the picture, the picture must be minimized, particularly for clarity is not required good station, can actually direct screenshots to reduce the size of the picture, the other is to web server configuration and improve the bandwidth to optimize the picture and website loading speed, but the price is relatively better.


(four) URL address and rename pictures.

We can

related to the theme of the picture may have some webmaster do not quite understand, that is even related to the theme of spiders also could not identify, so the Internet has created many picture type sites are "cry up wine and sell vinegar" campaign, which is not the case. The picture stand, the search engine spiders is to determine whether the picture content of the site is the user really need by the user’s access time, click rate of some user actions, the cumulative after a period of time, the spider will use the data to give you a website ranking and the judgment. So from this point, if a customers want a good development, release related to the theme of the picture is a must.

(a) related to the theme of the picture.

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