Do you really understand the station optimization

thus go to pay attention to where the network of brand keywords, because it has a brand effect, more emphasis on the role that >


website brand keywords is very important.

, add the appropriate title for each page, if the site home page, the title is suggested to use the site name or the site representative of the company, the organization name; the rest of the content of the page, the title made suggestions and summarizes with the content of the text, this can let your potential users through the search engine results in quick access to the title your page.

website brand word is an important symbol for us from other sites, is our unique scarce resources. A website is not like a personal brand keywords have no name, no people in the vast sea of humanity in the first time to find you. Perhaps a lot of Shanghai dragon that their website is not what brand keywords of their station, will not, actually this kind of idea is very wrong. A better ranking site will have two kinds of users: new users and old users. If your website can retain old customers, it will bring Everfount traffic to your site, at the same time for us to enhance the conversion rate is also very helpful. The user in the search engine is the brand of your keywords to distinguish between you and others website. For example, users to search the sprinkler, sprinkler manufacturers have a lot of, Hubei Chengli sprinkler, Cusheng sprinkler, sprinkler, sprinkler in the morning, if the user of Hubei Cheng Li sprinkler is interested in, so when the user search sprinkler, even Hubei Cheng Li sprinkler not row in the first place, the user will click, and then if you have no website brand keywords, then the user is difficult to distinguish between, is likely to lose customers. Large emphasis on brand keywords degree is beyond doubt, such as where the network ticket is to provide professional information website, and his own brand keywords in the title the front position, and stressed, please see below:

website optimization is divided into inside and outside the station two parts, these two parts are indispensable, but we are optimized when the first consideration must be the station optimization, if some basic optimization station is not good, even if you are outside of the chain do good, ranked may be obtained and is not very ideal. Or, if you do not optimize the base station, you must spend more optimization outside the station to make up, this is typical of the bitter Shanghai dragon, the correct way is to put in the station optimization to achieve the ultimate, and then to do stand outside promotion and optimization, the last two Zhulianbihe, invincible. We often make some common mistakes, and these mistakes should not happen, a little bit to eat the weight of our web site. Many of our Shanghai dragon is lost in the details, so we love Shanghai through search help center to talk about some mistakes we often make.


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