Outcrop hit

In April 2nd, the Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the city district district government departments responsible person, went to Xin’an City District Zhuang village, Star Village, mill village and other places, on-site inspection of illegal pornography work. Ma Haiying said, to grab build building illegal construction, all localities and departments must defend resolutely removed.

with the city planning and construction, the beginning of this year in some areas hoping to take the rush to build illegal buildings potential rise, especially in Xin’an village, Chengzhong District, Xiangtang village, Star Village, mill village, red village villages such as illegal construction in serious condition, the village homestead can be built in one night a floor, the floor between only a thin layer of prefabricated building body, poor quality. To curb this rush to take to get the building of the wind, the city district government district organization has 4 times of the illegal construction of the homestead law demolitions, demolition area of 65861 square meters, and to the village to go home to teach villagers grab a given hazard. At present, hoping to take the rush to build wind curbed.

Ma Haiying in the village with the view, condolences to the grass-roots cadres, adhere to in the field of Ma Haiying said, the city district to take timely measures, at present, illegal pornography effective, the district government should attach great importance to a clear attitude and effective measures to prevent sticking, make illegal pornography work to achieve more significant results.

Ma Haiying stressed that one is to defend against. The relevant departments should cooperate with each other, their duties, do their force, concerted efforts, strict law enforcement. The illegal construction of outcrop, outcrop of cultivated land in the range of tube; grab build building of illegal buildings must be resolutely removed. The two is to establish a new system, combining guidance. As soon as possible the introduction of the "Xining rural homestead management approach", the rural homestead management standardization, standardization. Three is the responsibility in place. The village committee team to give full play to the role of the implementation of grid management, fine management, the relevant departments to perform their respective duties, duties in place, to keep the pressure on illegal construction, curb illegal momentum. Four is the prevention, according to some foreign investment to participate in the construction of the phenomenon, the county should joint prevention and control, determined not to let the investment opportunity. The five is to clear the policy to the villagers, cadres at all levels should go deep into the farmers, and make it clear that the chaos of the construction of the hazards, the normalization of supervision.


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