ndustry and commerce Consumers Association to the farmers at home to the doorstep

Qinghai news network March 6th, Xin Sheng Village Ledu County Gaomiao town will courtyard bustling, organized by the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, provincial consumer association "3 · 15 assured agricultural countryside villages publicity and consultation service activities held here, they organized 11 agricultural business units brought 30 tons of chemical fertilizer, agricultural film etc. agricultural products in less than two hours by the villagers sold out.

in the event, the province, the Provincial Consumer Association Industrial and Commercial Bureau exposed a number of fake agricultural means of production, through the exhibition panels, distributing promotional materials, to preach about the agricultural supervision laws and regulations and distinguish false knowledge and other activities, to explain consumer rights knowledge to the masses, the masses to answer questions, enhance the peasants’ rights consciousness and scientific use of agricultural skills. At the same time, invited 5 agricultural experts to answer the masses culture cultivation, patience and other aspects of the problem, explain the use of agricultural knowledge organization; 11 agricultural operation demonstration unit, display of fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, feed, agricultural machinery and a number of high-quality agricultural products to the broad masses of peasants, on-site sale of 30 tons of fertilizer 6, individual industrial and commercial households but also for the masses to provide free haircuts, medical, machinery repair and other services. By this time assured agricultural countryside villages, Ledu county set up a field Industrial and Commercial Bureau complaints Taiwan, printed 1000 copies of business contact card rights paid to farmers, let the masses meet agricultural quality problems, timely and business contact for help.

, director of agriculture and animal husbandry production materials company distribution center in Ledu Gou Qin agricultural business units on behalf of public commitment to the community, strengthen self-discipline, integrity of business law, and resolutely put an end to do not meet the national quality standard of counterfeit agricultural commodities into the consumer market, so that farmers really use assured agricultural friends. See the community so pay attention to the farmers plowing, Xinsheng village villagers Li Cunye said excitedly: "this activity is good, we not only grasp the basic knowledge of the field and identify agricultural materials, buy quality, quantity and price of agricultural commodities are assured, we did the farmers get real benefits!" (author: Lu Hai)


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