Model workers like to see new developments in Xining

April 28th, Xining City Federation of trade unions organized 30 model workers represented "to see the new development in Xining, visited the Lake District, Xining city planning exhibition hall, watch the Xining train station, city planning, in-depth understanding of the new fruits of economic and social development in Xining in recent years, feel the new changes change rapidly. Through the joint efforts of the people of the city, rapid economic and social development in Xining, Tibetan Plateau style modernization central city preliminary show, city carrier service function more perfect, model workers to new achievements in reform and opening up brings in the feeling at the same time, also feel the rich people’s material life and cultural life rich and colorful, more of the grand blueprint for the future is full of confidence.

during a visit to the Qinghai Provincial Sports Center, Grand Theater, Museum of science and technology, the new features of the building, perfect facilities, neat Avenue, tall and magnificent buildings, to the workers who left a deep impression. We have to believe that seeing is believing, saw the construction of Sea Lake District, very inspiring. Model workers Zhao Longshun said: before the sea lake just know new district, but do not understand the role of the New District of Xining city spatial layout, and now the City Federation of trade unions after the visit, I feel that the sea lake district is really amazing." Workers often Yulan said excitedly: "a change in recent years in Xining inspired, is located in the western region, but the science and Technology Museum and the Grand Theatre in the West are first-class, did not expect such a high degree of modernization of Xining!"

activities throughout the model workers praise sound again and again, they said, the City Federation of trade unions to organize this event, both on their own praise and encouragement, but also to broaden our horizons, increase knowledge. Zhang Wenfang, a 74 year old model worker, said excitedly: "thank you very much for the party and the government have not forgotten us, let us have a chance to look at the new changes and new developments in Xining! I hope we can build a better city in Xining!" Model of road Changsheng said: "today’s visit and study let us see the hope for the development of Xining, but also more determined their positions based on confidence." Workers have said, will continue to play an exemplary role model, to work with more enthusiasm, positive energy transfer community, and take practical action to build a life of the city, the city of happiness, and make greater contribution to the economic and social development in Xining.


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