How is this winter heating coal to gas cell

Affected by heating habits, the city entered the winter heating period, coal dust pollution has become a major factor affecting air quality. In order to reduce coal dust pollution, this year, the city launched a coal mining area in the natural gas pipeline network coverage of the coal boiler clear action, some of the district’s coal-fired boiler was pulled to natural gas heating. Today, to the winter heating period, the coal to gas projects involving the district heating problem has been resolved? Newspaper asked the hotline to answer the relevant departments of this connection. In winter the air quality in Xining is tested, except natural factors, a major problem of coal dust pollution in the city of pollution, for the atmospheric burden, the city this year will be the coal-fired boiler renovation tasks set at 974 tons of steam, and some areas also involving the task of transformation, the original boiler coal into natural gas for heating. Today, when the city has a lot of heating District, but some of the people involved in the coal to the gas district is still calling the newspaper asked warm hotline, eager to know the community, when the family can pass on natural gas? When will they get warm? During the interview, the reporter learned from the four District Environmental Protection Bureau, at present, the city does have a number of small coal to gas project, the current heating. In the city area as an example, the coal gas project this year, involving a total of 65 units, of which there are 8 families, 9 buildings, but the coal boiler Street No. 9 people’s Hospital, people’s office of the street was demolished, Xining PetroChina Gas Co has not yet admission arrangements for construction, Shi Po Street No. 55 hospital labor, No. 2 Hospital Road, the current natural gas project has passed the acceptance, waiting for heating. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant responsible person said, at present, they are speeding up the convergence of this work, and the Xining oil and gas limited liability company at the end of October, the company will complete 500 tons of steam coal to gas task. It relates to coal gas units, families of hospital building when heating a thing, the reporter interviewed the Xining oil and gas limited liability company responsible person, according to the introduction, this year the city coal gas project volume has increased dramatically over the past years, despite the heavy task, time is tight, fewer personnel and many other difficulties, but in order to to ensure coal gas project residential heating in winter, the company opened Easy Access, teshiteban, jointly with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the district coal gas project dedicated a total of 187 units arrange time to concentrate the crime scene, and issue the design scheme. As of October 16th, 170 units have been submitted and handle the relevant formalities of follow-up, of which 30 units have acceptance of ventilation, 7 units have been reported, there are 75 units of approval under construction, 4 units have signed a contract to pay for projects, but not to sign the contract 4, 1 units is considering whether there are 3 units, an exploration into the scene has completed the design stage, and another 11 units has to declare the future. "If the user to declare, we will sign the project construction contract and arrange the construction in a short time." The company official said.  

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