Datong public cultural service demonstration area

In order to further improve the public cultural service system in Datong County, promote the great development and prosperity of the cultural undertakings, Datong sounded the establishment of the national public cultural service system demonstration area. Datong County since April of this year to start to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area to work actively to create activities and the party’s mass line of educational practice, and promote public cultural service system to create a demonstration area. Datong County continue to increase the intensity of grassroots cultural venues, to achieve full coverage of the farm house. At present, the comprehensive cultural station has achieved full coverage of the town, built 164 street cultural center, farm house 9699, outside the bookstore by the point of 29047, a great convenience to the masses to enjoy the cultural life. The construction of the special culture results, comprehensive cultural stations of township and village culture room, community has become the county show local culture platform and the place, the county has built children’s activity room, Bayi Liangjia Village Community of the Tu Folk Museum, Zhai paper-cut work room, fully demonstrate the diversity and the rich culture, the formation of a model. At the same time, the township level set up a mobile cultural service team of villages and towns, the village (community) set up amateur literary team, all kinds of performances of more than 1000 times a year. The county has been named as the hometown of Chinese folk art and culture three times. To promote public sports infrastructure construction, investment 8 million yuan to implement the stadium, track and field extension project; investment 1 million 500 thousand yuan to complete the three open-air standard plastic basketball court and Taer fitness plaza construction; 200 million yuan investment in the building has started construction; investment 3 million 800 thousand yuan in the construction of sculpture "golden key" and brand body sculpture "Datong welcomes you" Four city landscape brand image. Up to now, the county has been striving for the province, the city of all kinds of sports fitness equipment project funds up to 4 million yuan, the village has been implemented in the village of 144 sports fitness project. The implementation of radio and television household items, involving the county’s more than 70 thousand residents, the every family can watch TV, the implementation of the radio village ring project, built 12 primary site.  

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