Difficult to get 500 sets of public rental Yaohao

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yu) with the city, a number of public rental housing and the gradual completion of the "Xining city public rental housing management measures" the introduction of a public rental application and rent has been for the general public concern. September 29th, the city will be the first batch of 500 sets of public rental Yaohao distribution, publicity without objection, to determine the number of families to participate in the wave of the protection of a total of 1169 households, which is in line with the priority election room eligible families 39.

it is understood that the city will be 500 units of public rental Yaohao is located in the north area of Ning Zhang Lu Rui Jing River area and Nanchuan road blue district. Among them, the king of the riverside district 300 sets, blue District of the 200 sets. Rent was 8 yuan per square meter per month and $10.5, according to the housing construction area charged.

in accordance with the provisions of the city’s public rental housing management approach with priority allocation, open Yaohao rental will be determined in accordance with the priority after the election room waiting for the election room. Severe disabilities and adult orphans and the city without housing, in line with the conditions of low-cost housing for families, as well as the introduction of special talents of the government, with the relevant certificate will be listed as a priority with the scope of rent.

it is understood that the implementation of public rental housing construction, is to solve the housing difficulties of low-income families, new employment, migrant workers and the introduction of qualified personnel. Public rental housing management approach has clearly apply for at least 18 years old, have a stable job or ability to pay rent, the average annual family income is lower than the annual average wage of workers in the city of Xining does not rent or buy other low-income housing, and families without housing or per capita housing construction area of less than 18 square meters of workers in employment.


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