Li Jinqing field supervision guidance stressed that the letter to do a good job in the city

June 14th, according to the arrangements of the municipal government, the municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing in the city Chong City Office, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the four district, for the city to create difficulties in the field of supervision and guidance.

in the inspection, Li Jinqing line to the four district urban high, farmers market, Beijiexiaoxiang difficult area were inspected, and the districts in Beijiexiaoxiang remediation process, has taken measures, the effectiveness of the construction site can according to uniform requirements rectification specification in detail to understand.

in the depth of the bankruptcy of the families of the building, such as the founding of the city after the difficult areas of the city, Li Jinqing made specific requirements for the future work of the city. He pointed out that the departments should strengthen the work of creating the city and establishment of a sense of responsibility and urgency, according to Wei Jian review special meeting request, Chuangwei power can not be reduced, Chuangwei momentum can not be weak, Chuangwei requirements can not be loose, Chuangwei responsible can not be changed. At the same time to carefully comprehensive investigation, focus, and comprehensively promote, to put each of the indicators, every step, every step in place to eliminate the dead angle of hygiene, ensure the weak link of white spots, not omissions blank, to create a good environment.

Li Jinqing stressed that a city is a long-term work, heavy task and easy to rebound, all departments should seize the focus, comprehensive rectification, some of the key sections of strict penalties, establish a long-term mechanism in the work method, the consolidation of health outcomes, while making a city work smoothly. The district should be according to their actual situation and the roadway, making the effective rectification measures, detailed tasks and schedule requirements, clear goals and deadlines, and levels of responsibility, concentrate time and power, make up the loopholes and shortcomings, to do the work of creating the city hundred-percent. (author: Xu Shunkai)



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