New sea lake district bus lines

* 1 new bus lines, tentatively scheduled for the adjustment of the road by the bus line 2, respectively, the line of the road, the road line 5

March 28th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation, sea lake district bus route organization program has been developed, and will be implemented next month, which is the first step in the optimization of the layout of the bus network in Xining. According to the program, the sea lake district will add 1 bus lines, tentatively scheduled for the 38 Road, the adjustment of the 2 bus lines, respectively, the line of the road and the line 5 road. After the implementation of the program, there will be 9 bus lines, about 200 buses into the sea lake area.

it is understood that the lake district covers an area of 10.5 square kilometers, a total of 4 East-West streets (Sea Road extension, Haiyan Road extension, 54 street, West Main Street extension extension), north-south Street 9 (Wen Cheng Road, cultural road, Wenhui Road, Yuen Road, Changde Road, Zong Tonghai learn the real road, road, road, Fucheng Road), Xueyuan Road length of 35 kilometers.

at present, the new Lake Lake area has begun to take shape, is expected in 2013 there are nearly 100 thousand people stay in the new lake district. With the arrival of a large number of residents, the construction of the sea lake district bus network has become a hot topic of public concern, in order to improve the sea lake new district bus network layout, to ensure the needs of the general public travel. In March this year, the organization staff of the traffic bureau of Xining city established the Lake District bus line research team, many times to the lake district survey, according to the traffic distribution, residents and units, schools and other places the address layout, combined with the road conditions, proposed 1 new bus lines, 2 bus lines. After the implementation of the program, there will be 9 bus lines, about 200 buses into the Sea Lake District, will effectively ease the current situation of the masses of the new Lake Lake ride difficult.

at the same time, the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau will gradually complete the city’s public transport network optimization layout, the next step, will focus on solving the Nanshan Road, such as the extension of the eastern part of the bus to reflect more than a blind spot road ride problem.

sea lake area bus route organization program is as follows:

, a new line, tentatively scheduled for 38, one-way line length of 6 km, the Peach Peach Road Primary School, through the sea, passing Wenjing street, Yuen Road, West Main Street, 54 West Road, Wenhui Road, Cold Lake Road, the end point in the provincial radio and television bureau.

set up along the site: Huangchuan middle school, primary school students, sports center, Wen Jing Jie Xikou, Wen Jing Jie, Yuen Road intersection (West Main Street), Pufeng, Kawa Ni, 542, Wenhui Road, West Road, 54 South Lake Road North, normal and cold, Cold Lake Road, the Provincial Radio and television bureau.

this new line will solve the lake district within the sea, the power of community, Xia Chun Park, Yuen Road, WorldCom, Wenhui Road, Qinghai international theatre, 54 West Road, Cold Lake Road frontline public travel demand.

two, adjust the bus lines of the two, respectively, the special line of the road and road 5, 3.

line 3:


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