Meat food prices rose into the main promoter

This year the Xining consumer price level, the price situation is grim, the municipal government attaches great importance to stabilize prices as the primary task of macroeconomic regulation, introduced a series of targeted measures. With the gradual emergence of the effectiveness of these measures, the momentum of rising prices in the city has been initially controlled. 1-10 months, the city’s total consumer price level (CPI) was 104.2, higher than the same period last year by 1.9 percentage points.

from the chain point of view, due to the impact of festivals, weather and seasonal factors, in January and February the consumer price index rose by 0.6% and the chain, respectively, and 1.3%. Since then has stable running posture, in August, affected by the decline in food prices, a decline of 1.2%, by September, the municipal government issued ten measures to guarantee stable prices for the month, the chain index also fell 0.7 percentage points. In October, the new clothing and fresh vegetable prices rose, the chain index rose 0.7 percentage points to 100.7.

1-10 months, the city’s food prices rose 8.9%, pulling CPI rose by 3.16 percentage points, becoming the main factor driving the rise of CPI. First of all, meat and poultry prices rose by 12% over the previous year, is the main factor affecting food prices, including pork, beef and mutton prices rose by 4.7%, 31.7% and 12%. This is mainly due to the implementation of pasture, grazing livestock reduction policies and increase the export volume, reduced the beef and mutton market supply, prices rise. The beginning of September, the relevant departments of the municipal government of the city’s beef and mutton wholesale price subsidies, maintain the smooth running of the recent market price of meat. Secondly, food, meals food prices rose by 8.9% over the previous year, 9.5%, in the case of grain harvest year after year, food prices in recent years has maintained a steady upward trend, reflecting the state to improve the policy effect of grain purchase price.


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