City Seismological Bureau to carry out earthquake prevention and disaster reduction into the enterpr

  in June 27th, the Municipal Seismological Bureau and the municipal water supply Refco Group Ltd jointly organized the "knowledge of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction into the enterprise". The company and its subsidiaries of 4 middle-level cadres participated in the training.
the lecture should supply the company requirements, combined with enterprise characteristics, through the vivid audio-visual film, targeted on the earthquake emergency protection and first aid knowledge. During the training period, our bureau issued the "earthquake disaster reduction knowledge question and answer volume" to help you further absorb and consolidate the knowledge. Finally, I also participated in the seminar to cadres and workers who presented the "earthquake to do", "earthquake disaster mitigation first aid knowledge Handbook" and other promotional materials.
in the enterprise popularity of earthquake disaster mitigation science knowledge, improve staff awareness and ability of disaster prevention and mitigation, is an important part of the safety construction of the enterprise, but also the basic requirements for the survival and development of enterprises, it is an important term indispensable propaganda of earthquake prevention and disaster service. Since 2009, my bureau to carry out earthquake disaster reduction knowledge "into the enterprise" activities in the city bus company, city water group company and other enterprises in order to carry out the earthquake disaster reduction knowledge and knowledge to answer and distribute knowledge manual as the main form of promotional activities, and achieved very good publicity. In the future, I will lecture on the basis of knowledge, to carry out emergency drills, to carry out first aid training, expanding propaganda form into the enterprise, enrich the publicity, and have a better propaganda effect.


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