Dare to play the role of government work hard

Wang Yubo presided over the meeting of the municipal Party committee (enlarged) to implement the important speech of the provincial Party committee and the spirit of the plenary meeting of the municipal government to play a leading role in the five aspects of the model

  July 12th afternoon, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal government and party secretary, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting, study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and provincial twelve plenary meeting of the four session of the Municipal Committee, thirteen session of the seven plenary session of the spirit. Wang Yubo stressed the importance of the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and the spirit of the provincial Party committee, the municipal government, the play and work is the two key words. To dare to open up in front of the problem, the courage to act in the face of contradictions, the courage to take responsibility in the face of the risk, to take the initiative to play an important role in promoting economic and social development in Xining.

Wang Yubo to further strengthen the government’s own construction, play an exemplary role in promoting the work effectively promote the speech. Wang Yubo pointed out that a series of important speech, general secretary of Xi Jinping, covering all aspects of our party governing the country, is the deepening and expansion of the party’s eighteen spirit, cohesion of the people, inspired the people. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech and the spirit of the plenary meeting of the provincial government, the municipal government is concerned, to dare to play, focusing on hard work. An official to avoid things shame, is to play the courage to take responsibility, is the pursuit of struggle to play. The municipal government is responsible for promoting economic and social development, serving the masses of the heavy task, is to promote the work of the Ministry of war. To deeply understand the characteristics of the development of the city stage, playing an important task without hesitation.

Wang Yubo, the municipal government should study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series as the fundamental work of the government to follow; keep the economy sustained rapid and healthy development as an important pursuit of government work, although the annual goals and tasks, through research, solve the problems in the development of good, strengthen coordination and form a work force, to complete a good party the provincial government and the municipal Party committee assigned work; to create national unity and progress advanced area as an important part of the work of the government, and promote the government to create one by one comb on the work; to the mass line of educational practice as an important guarantee for strengthening the construction of government, to take practical action to improve the style and practical effects with the province’s first batch of educational practice carry out activities.

Wang Yubo asked the municipal government to play a leading and exemplary role in five areas. One should play a leading role in the study, do good science thinking good; two to play a leading role in politics, to firmly adhere to the firm; three to play a leading role in the work, do good work to do and dare to do; four to play a leading role in the work style, do not have not not greedy lazy; fifth, the lead role in the play for the people and do the same with the same bitter fun. (reporter Sheng Nan)



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