Central multi initiatives rectification rural issues

In September 18th, reporters from the city district was informed that for the village level financial management district leadership in the research to seek the masses are not standardized, village committees and other rural issues are weak and lax, the District adhere to Li said Li line, the "rural issues" in the district will be the topic of democratic life and enact legislation to change the contents of the 10 take a number of initiatives, the rectification of the "rural problem". Early planning, emphasis on the analysis and cadre training. The main problem with the 2011 general in the work, the "two committees" election hierarchical judgment analysis, also organized the special investigation group to conduct a survey on the general advance possible problems; pay more attention to the rich hotshot, college-graduate village official, migrant workers and other groups in the home business is selected for candidates who pull village election. At present, the region has a total of 177 rural cadres. Yong innovation, the implementation of the joint mechanism and financial disclosure. The establishment of "innovation Wulian five" joint work mechanism, the full implementation of the four on two open an oversight work, at present, has completed the Xinzhuang, Stephen Irvine 12 village financial audit, is expected by the end of August will be fully completed the work of public finance audit. Deep Mopai, pay close attention to the focus of rectification and research thoroughly. Preliminary investigation of the 12 weak and lax grassroots party organizations to carry out special research, through a variety of ways to conduct on-site guidance. At present, the 12 weak and lax grassroots party organizations have all been transformed to enhance, while the total discharge of the general election focus touch, the difficulty of the village 2. Restructuring reform, strict on-site promotion and random checks. A rural general election risk assessment of the spot, at the same time, focus on the region’s financial affairs, public work to carry out special checks, and asked the village in September this year to be completed before the end of the 32 villages served as financial audit results to the public will.  

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