New year’s Day the development of the mayor Secretary

February 11th, the 2th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Huangyuan County Ba Yan Xiang is immersed in thick flavor in. An early morning, mayor Wang Yubo drove 60 kilometers to the countryside, Ba Yan Si Cun Ba Yan Cun, visit the masses Service at the contact point and the impoverished village Party Secretary Yan Jiuzhu Li Yulan, warm and send holiday blessings.


Temple Village branch secretary Yan Jiuzhu, Wang Yubo detailed understanding of the development of the village about one year, the village committee team led by the village people hard-working hard to thank, and hope in the new year, the village committee team continue to play the role of rich leaders, led by the village people continue to improve production and living conditions. Sit in Pakistan Yan Cun, poor households Li Yulan through military enterprises, build a ramshackle rural new built a bright and spacious house, Wang Yubo Wenhanwennuan, sent condolences to Kim, care and warm rice, edible vegetable oil and other government. He said, a better life, is our common pursuit, the masses must grasp the public beneficial policy, the village committee team to help support, hard-working rich, can live a good day.

Temple village,

County of Huangyuan Ba Yan Ba Yan Cun, Wang Yubo is also the country government helping the village enterprises build activities. The newly built party room and village activities square, farmhouse neat and tidy courtyard door, Wang Yubo walking to see, very happy. He said that the municipal government to implement the military enterprises build activities, the village has to improve production and living conditions to provide a good hardware support, Haruki must seize the opportunity to identify the advantages of development, the early realization of the overall well-off, well-off society sharing development results.

when Wang Yubo learned that Ba Yan Xiang with a long history and extensive influence of the temple – temple bar, he came to the temple, a detailed understanding of the historical development of the temple. He stressed that the tie of temple is on the Tibetan Plateau is the Millennium Temple, with a long and rich history, is the embodiment of the national unity, social harmony and inclusive national landscape, the county and township government must use the view of good planning, protect and inherit the precious cultural tourism resources, let more people around benefit. Huangyuan county cultural landscape, natural features is very prominent, the county government to co-ordinate the planning, investment, market operation of several boutique tourism projects, and strive to use 2-3 years to build a large county of Huangyuan County Cultural Tourism well-known. (author: 1)

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