Central five focus on implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session

In recent days, the city continued to deepen the study of the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, by organizing training courses, seminars and other forms, deepen the understanding and mastery of the spirit of the plenary session. For practical thinking and action with the central decision-making arrangements, in November 22nd, the organization held a "Chengzhong district science ideas, turn style, and development" district center group theory, a clear focus on the work of the five aspects of the city zone next year.

around educational practice to change the style of work. Next year to carry out the mass line of educational practice closely linked to the general requirements of the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure treatment, earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism; practice closely and solve the four winds issue, adhere to the leadership, elaborate organization, closely linked to the activities of focus, activities, to ensure that educational practice is not as a mere formality, to achieve tangible results.

around the south in the south to do a good job of economic strategy. Next year’s economic work to implement the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee Committee and provincial spirit, adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability, good in quickly, to ensure the full completion of various economic indicators. Focus on promoting the sparse, continue to increase investment, accelerate the transformation of the old city key area of strength, speed up the central square of the North expansion project, wells Lane central business district project, fitness center project construction; intensify efforts to promote the process of urbanization in southern area, accelerate the West Tower high-speed line, high-speed Beijing Tibet, Shen Zhai area, Shangri-La the progress of the demolition project, revitalize the South nearly 3500 acres of land resources; actively docking Nanchuan Industrial Park, efforts to increase production integration of the city, promoting the construction of new rural communities and the reform of the household registration system, accelerate the pace of development of urban and rural development. At the same time, accelerate the construction of small and medium industrial park to support the development of small and micro enterprises.

around to accelerate the pace of development to promote the reform. Control the spirit of the plenary session, correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability, strengthen top-level design and the combination of feeling the stones across the river, the overall promotion and focus on breakthroughs in promoting the progress of the reform made substantial progress.

around the creation of the central city to enhance the image. Create a national civilized city to work in normalization, long-term efforts. The creation of national unity and progress in the work of the various units, departments of the "top leaders" to Pro Pro, to achieve results. In addition, the model is not chuangsen lax, according to orderly responsibility, according to the plan. At the same time, we should focus on social management innovation, accelerate the construction of information platform.

focus on improving people’s livelihood in the construction of a harmonious central. Next year’s livelihood focus from five aspects. One is to start from the "food basket" project, grasp the agricultural facilities construction project total Zhai yuan; two is to start from the construction of the ecological environment, promote air pollution remediation, increase urban greening efforts; three is to start from the development of education, health, employment, social security and other social undertakings, fairness, justice and equality of social services; four is to start from the shantytowns, with three years time, the transformation of old buildings to achieve full coverage of the community; at the same time to speed up construction, actively promote the cultural construction into the area; the five is from rural poverty alleviation;

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