Planning and promoting the development of Zhang Jianmin in Xining

recently, vice governor Zhang Jianmin on the old city of Xining renovation project and the landscape along the highway remediation conducted field research. And along the Pingxi Expressway in Xining section of field visits to the table, Lin Jiaya, Wangjiazhuang, temple Fu Jiazhai, Chaoyang village city shanty towns, villages.

in the center of the north to expand the transformation of the demolition site, Zhang Jianmin detailed understanding of the planning and construction. He stressed that a city planning represents a city construction management level, Xining city as the center of the capital city, in the city planning and construction management to new ideas, the starting point must be high, should pay attention to optimizing the allocation of land resources, improve the city functional layout, in the overall regulation and control regulations to determine the circumstances, to consider the city the layout are infrequent in different areas, rational planning business gathering area, residential area, traffic hub area, gathering area or culture, entertainment, education. The planning of important plots, and the planning of important landmark buildings, in particular, should be strictly controlled.

Zhang Jianmin stressed that shantytowns, urban transformation is an improvement of the housing conditions of the people’s livelihood projects, is to change the face of the city, improve urban quality, improve the living environment of the urgent demand. To increase and accelerate the transformation of shanty towns, the steady implementation of the villages, and gradually develop the fundamental facilities and the building density, concentrated urban old residential district comprehensive renovation, adhere to the "project planning to follow", gradually change the face of the city.

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