ron commander led the villagers to live a good life

went to Huangyuan County, RI Yue Xiang Ke su er Cun, the eye is wide and flat, the courtyard walls, neat cement road through the villagers uniform, mass cultural activities center, village health room and other facilities Goods are available in all varieties. The villagers talked about: "to live a good life today, not only the party’s policy is good, but also because our village has a ‘iron commander’." The villagers said the iron commander is Huangyuan County, RI Yue Xiang Ke su er village Party branch secretary of the iron.

the pockets bulging, the enthusiasm for building a better home round more high. The iron and the two committees team together to create a beautiful environment of village, village national unity as the goal, start from the infrastructure construction, efforts to improve the environment, improve the traffic environment. Over the past few years, it has achieved a hardened Road, lane road lights full coverage, the true realization of electrical appliances into the kitchen, the phone into the living room, solar energy into the bathroom, the Internet into the study of gorgeous turn.


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