304 lucky people won the Xining Local Taxation Bureau nvoice draw

in order to enhance the enthusiasm of consumers to request an invoice, strengthen economic accounting, protect the legitimate business, combating tax evasion and economic crime, the Local Taxation Bureau in November 6th to carry out the invoice sweepstakes (seventh).

it is understood that since the implementation of the invoice sweepstakes since the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, the majority of consumers to request an invoice and the lottery lottery activities to enhance awareness of each year, the city Bureau of invoice for lottery activity seventh, as of September 30th, a total of 22354 pieces of information were registered, excluding invalid data entry valid information for 19308 year. The invoice is issued by the scope of the local tax system in Xining during the period of October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 of the invoice.

on the same day, in Qinghai province Xining City Hengyuan notary Notary Office will effectively seal the data into the lottery program, 4 lottery guests in order to extract the top award 1, first prize 3, two prize 100, third-prize 200, exciting, the grand prize will receive 80 thousand yuan in cash reward. I understand that in order to improve the invoice for rate, improve the enthusiasm of the public for invoices, tax bureau will this year the prize amount increased to 395000 yuan, 145000 yuan more than last year, the number of passengers by 154 last year increased to 304. Lottery results will be published in the newspaper and the Xining Local Taxation portal and other media, please enjoy the 304 winners of the lucky. (author: Zhang Qian Chen Ruifu)

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