North Bridge Road Tour Market Regulation

Some time ago, more than at the bridge in front of the bazaars business households Jeeves, not only affects the appearance of the environment, but also affect pedestrians. As for the public to create a clean and orderly road traffic environment, recently, Jeeves behavior North District Urban Management Bureau of the market on both sides made a rectification, at present, the area Jeeves phenomenon has been significantly improved.

in addition, in addition to concentrate on cleaning of Jeeves and road tour, North District Urban Management Bureau and also signed a "Bridge Street shops along the street in front of three" letters of responsibility, clear the "in front of three" management responsibility and service responsibility, establish management accounting, develop a reward assessment methods, signed responsibility more than 1140 copies of the book. Inspectors on the front of the door three packs of the responsibility of the unit for inspection and evaluation, the responsibility is not in place of the units and individuals in a timely manner rectification. Relying on digital management, the formation of a unified command, a clear division of labor, improve the management level, so that the city has a significant improvement in the area.  

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