Set up the fine idea and carry out the fine work the Xining food and Drug Administration held a m

Recently, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held a mobilization meeting of the implementation of fine management, all staff attended the meeting

recently, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration held a mobilization meeting of the implementation of fine management, all staff attended the meeting. At the meeting, deputy director of the Zhang Shenghui fine management system of the city’s food and drug supervision of a comprehensive deployment, from the importance of meticulous management of the fine management stage of goal setting, meticulous management requirements and other aspects.

office, catering license, drug supervision office market inspection department who were responsible for how to combine chuangxianzhengyou theme activities, based on the functions of offices, the implementation of fine management work at the meeting made a position statement.

Zhou made an important speech, responsible for the three offices of the speeches fully affirmed. For the implementation of the fine management of global implementation of the three points: first, the unity of thinking, a profound understanding of the connotation of fine management and the importance of the implementation of fine management. Carry out meticulous management is the inevitable requirement to fully implement the scientific supervision and Scientific Outlook on Development, from the start, pay attention to important points, strengthen the fine learning theory, master the methods of work fine. Two is to establish a fine idea, improve the fine operation mechanism. Create efficiency agencies, temper the law enforcement team, to ensure political in place. By focusing on "strict", "real", "fast", "new", the full implementation of fine management requirements, so that the office of fine, fine service, fine supervision, construction of fine". Three is to highlight the focus, and effectively promote the fine management. Recently, have formulated the "Xining Municipal Food and drug administration work fine management assessment rules" as soon as possible, and carry out medicines, medical equipment, health food, cosmetics circulation focused campaigns, actively carry out "going to the grassroots, to observe the people and do practical activities" summing up the work, strengthen the administrative law enforcement team construction. Four is to strengthen leadership, to ensure that the fine management work to achieve tangible results. To strengthen the organization and leadership, pay close attention to the implementation of the responsibility to strengthen supervision and inspection, go all out to grasp the characteristics of fine management, to achieve results.

  Deputy Secretary Li Xiangdong called on all cadres and workers at the meeting concluded based on their own, attaches great importance to Party cadres should take the lead, deeply understand the connotation of fine management, strengthen the implementation of fine management work sense of responsibility and mission, the fine management work into conscious behavior of cadres and workers, through the meticulous management to work throughout the year, in the first place, and actively implement fine management work.



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