Xining City the ten largest area project cited investor vision

2012 Xining city development and investment fair information and the ten major investment projects, attracting many people responsible for the hotline, in charge of the mouth too busy to attend to all. It is understood that there are dozens of companies, including hundreds of investors, including the release of the project on behalf of the cooperation intention.

it is understood that in addition to the introduction of the fair ten area of city development and construction projects, the county departments, various industrial parks have been introduced including industrial development, culture, tourism, commerce and service such as more than and 200 projects to promote investment. The project is recommended after repeated demonstration, in line with national industrial policy, with planning, land, project approval and infrastructure construction conditions, has a strong operability.

industrial construction projects mainly related to the extension of the industrial chain, supporting the development of the industry. The project, 50 thousand tons of chlorinated polyethylene project by the Municipal Economic Commission such as solar thermal, Datong Aluminum Alloy ingot projects, solar photovoltaic bracket series construction project, 300 thousand tons of organic fertilizer project with an annual output of Huangyuan County, with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of pure water project, an annual output of 300 thousand tons of rapeseed processing reserve projects, Huangzhong County oat processing project, north of the city the Small and micro businesses incubator project, Xin San development metal material investment project, the Dongchuan Industrial Park High Performance die project, nonferrous metal processing LED sapphire substrate production project, 20 thousand tons of synthetic graphite project with an annual output of medium and Small Enterprise Pioneering Park project, Nanchuan Industrial Park, high-tech industry incubation base construction project, biological industrial park Qinghai Life Science Park incubator entrepreneurial base in the three phase of construction project, Gan River Industrial Park refractory materials production and processing projects.

– the cultural main projects include Wanda cinema, Datong City District in Eastern metro construction, cultural and sports center of Huangyuan City, Dan Junggar row of lights, embroidered leather city article wide Bureau of Qinghai cultural and Creative Industry Park, Xining city library construction project etc..

– tourism projects are mainly in the area of Xining County – Han village folk customs tourism park development, Chengdong District in five star hotel construction, originated in Datong County treasure stone forest development project, hot springs Niangniang mountain scenic area construction projects, Huang Zhongxian Valley, riverside town of DOPA comprehensive development project, Huangyuan County mill forest wetland resort the park project, treasure tourism industry base construction projects.

– commerce projects are mainly new Hualian Shopping Plaza, Beijing Nanshan Road Hualian supermarkets, RT Mart supermarket, Limeng Commercial Pedestrian Street Center Plaza, department stores, food distribution center, Qinghai Tibet Plateau national catering shopping street, gold and silver jewelry culture industrial park project.

major projects – forestry and animal husbandry including total Zhai yuan high prototype modern agricultural technology demonstration park development project, an annual output of 10 thousand tons of concentrated carrot juice processing projects, an annual output of 5000 tons of vinegar series of product development project, deer and deer products processing base project of Tibet, the modernization of forestry science and Technology Industrial Demonstration Park – Sports Center construction project etc.. (author: Shi Fei)


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