Winter tourism in our province set off a wonderful curtain

Snow gleams white., Trinidad ice, big swan is here, and see the goods Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits butter lantern, archery, appreciate the wonderful view of Wutu folk performances, bustling around…… Hainan, Huangnan, Yushu, Xining all over the country to carry out colorful winter tourism activities. With immediate effect, the Xining evening news jointly launched by the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau, looking for the most beautiful winter, to explore the characteristics of folk activities will be carried out throughout the province fiery, which marks the province’s winter tourism curtain hot start.

today, let us together into the Qinghai winter tourism – the first stop in entering the sea throat Dan, second east station, the taste of folk activities, explore the infinite charm of Qinghai winter tourism.

in recent years, the advantages of different tourism resources, the Provincial Tourism Bureau of the province relying on different seasons to create highlights, the integration of tourism resources, rich in tourism products, tourism brand winter spring, the cultivation of tourism consumption, increase tourism supply, promote the rapid development of the province’s tourism industry. Since last winter, our province launched a total of nine categories of more than 60 tourism products, "lit" in spring and winter tourism market in our province. On the exploration of "intangible cultural heritage" — religious culture, folk customs tour products, travel experience, meet the challenge — outdoor fitness tours, leisure travel, scenery scenery view — enjoy the scenery, folk photography tours, play snow – happy family travel, love outdoor ice — to celebrate the Spring Festival, carnival, tour, the joy of shopping – Section three Huimin travel and tourism industry service training, training and other activities, a comprehensive display of our province in spring and winter tourism new products, new line.

from the full flavor of Junggar Dan Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits mellow puree wine, aromatic taste thick customs, to Huangnan to enjoy the unique "Wutu" folk performances, and then to the vast expanse of the Qinghai Lake to shoot big swan, these rich and colorful activities lit the Qinghai winter tourism. In December 2015, the Xining evening news Joint Provincial Tourism Bureau to carry out "in the context of looking for the most beautiful winter scenery, to explore the characteristics of folk activities in the country to introduce ourselves or the selection of local characteristics and the most beautiful winter scenery, looking for the Qinghai winter tourism and the exciting features, show Qinghai’s most simpleand enthusiastic folk, Qinghai winter tourism characteristics reveal the most incisive, create a hot atmosphere of Qinghai winter tourism is not the same, the final selection of the ten best folk activities.


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