The province has formulated the Qinghai province business incubation base identification and managem

reporter learned from the provincial employment service, recently, the provincial human resources and social security department and the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "Interim Measures for the determination of business incubators and management in Qinghai province (Trial)", the business incubator access conditions, and to declare that, policy incentives to make specific provisions. To give a one-time reward 200 thousand yuan subsidies for the new college business park, settled in the new business incubator enterprises to give a one-time reward 20 thousand yuan of subsidies and other measures, the province will further establish and improve the business incubators recognition mechanism, specification business incubator operation management, create a good business environment.

to implement the "Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on further improving the implementation of the views of" the employment work under the new situation, to promote entrepreneurship, nurture, guide and support the healthy and orderly development of business incubators, June 6th, the provincial human resources and social security department and the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "measures". Clear business incubator construction to make full use of social resources, effective use of various types of urban and rural area, idle venues, factories, buildings, buildings and other places for the gathering of entrepreneurship, through government investment, social capital, diversified investment and other forms, to provide the production and management of site support and policy support for entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses. At the same time should be combined with the advantages of local industry, city construction and social development, scientific planning, reasonable layout, can be used to meet the conditions of the existing economic and Technological Development Zone, industrial park, high-tech park, University Science and Technology Park, Small and micro businesses incubator through listing, total construction, identification of business incubators. Actively absorb college graduates, returned students studying abroad, self employment of demobilized military cadres and various types of urban and rural entrepreneurship. Incubation base has been settled in individual industrial and commercial households or enterprises, the rate of not less than 60% of the entry into the business incubation base of the incubation time is generally not more than 3 years.

"measures" also on the new business incubator and excellent business incubator Association Award on January 1, 2015 after clear, establish or determine and incubation base by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security that, according to the number of settled entrepreneurial calculation, each enterprise settled a given 20 thousand yuan one-time incentive grant one-time incentive subsidies; 200 thousand yuan of new college park. Give 3 years operating subsidies, has been built on outstanding incubator and entrepreneurship Park, each outstanding incubator is calculated according to the year settled entrepreneurial households, subsidies 5000 yuan per household per year; each outstanding college park every year 200 thousand yuan subsidy. Has completed the business incubator refers to business incubators have been established before January 1, 2015.


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