Xining to carry out comprehensive environmental polluters incorrigible will be shut down

this year, the Xining municipal environmental protection departments will focus on some regional masses, not long-term environmental problems within a limited period of time, long-term emissions exceed the standard of serious environmental pollution incorrigible, mandatory shut down enterprises according to law.

this year, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Department of key industrial enterprises in waste gas, vehicle exhaust, coal dust, dust, smoke pollution and straw comprehensive catering to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the six aspects, and strive to improve the excellent rate of the city’s air quality, air environment quality improved significantly; formulate Huangshui River outfall remediation program, Huangshui River water quality check the worsening trend; increase the state-controlled, provincial control of key industrial enterprises discharge standards deadline governance and efforts to ensure long-term stability of pollutant emissions of key industrial enterprises; organization to carry out a comprehensive transformation of the coal smoke remediation work in Xining City, the completion of a comprehensive ban coal zone, natural gas pipeline network coverage in the "coal control zone" surplus coal-fired boilers governance, eliminate the urban coal-fired boiler "black smoke"; to carry out special rectification of drinking water source protection area To ensure the safety of drinking water for the people; to continue to carry out special operations on key regional industrial enterprises.


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