Richpower commercial Lane the most valuable block

In Qinghai, filed a pedestrian street, people will think of Richpower Lane commercial pedestrian street, with a number of international brands, domestic famous brand, Qinghai famous brand and many business merchants settled, the combination of Hehuang culture and modern Tibetan Plateau beautiful commercial pedestrian street, shopping, leisure, catering and entertainment. Travel, live and work as a whole, not only become the people of Qinghai and overseas visitors will go to the shopping street, has become the investment in the most investment value of the block.

walking on the brick tile, Liu full of Hehuang cultural charm of Richpower Xiang commercial pedestrian street, you can see a family of three, 22 dependent lovers, in knots of young people hand in hand, also can see the grey-haired old man, walking in the street 100 thousand daily flow of people, both passing and consumers. A period after the completion of a large number of businessmen settled Richpower commercial lane, supermarkets, department stores, commercial street, delicacy City, entertainment city, multi format project, set to eat and drink, entertainment, music, shopping experience consumption in one. Among them, the international first-line brands, domestic brands accounted for about 65% of the business. Here not only to become the most profitable investment in the eyes of the commercial pedestrian street, has become a lot of entrepreneurs to achieve the dream of incubation. A 80 young entrepreneurs in the business, limeng Xiang bought a less than 10 square meters of shops, began her business with consumer groups small, commercial dealings with Xiang and her steady management, now she has earned the first pot of gold of life.

entrepreneurs, the big international came here swim, coffee with your stellar cinema…… There is no purchase, Lapajia, Heng Yuan Xiang, Sasa, the sound of rain bamboo products…… 501, Evening Entertainment International, VIVA bar and the upcoming opening of Starbucks coffee. One industry source said, Xining Richpower commercial lane is the future of new wealth values. As the city’s leading commercial pedestrian street in Xining, in the consumer experience to bring a unique model, it will become the center of wealth accumulation. In Qinghai and the northwest region, you will see the lack of large-scale commercial pedestrian street, and convenient transportation, not only commercial Richpower Lane parking more adequate, dining, shopping, leisure and entertainment in one, fully embodies the fifth generation commercial complex full range of experiential consumption concept. "How this cornucopia of wealth will be a smart investment miss?"

reporter learned, limeng commercial pedestrian street is about to usher in the second investment boom, two commercial pedestrian street, limeng Lane will launch 6 square meters to 1000 square meters of shops. Here is not only affordable Pu Chao store, there is more opportunity to do the famous big landlord "cornucopia". According to the Qinghai Richpower South real estate development company responsible person, limeng in Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane, you can be your own boss, you can easily store, when the landlord, commissioned by the management of the company. In short, Limeng Commercial Pedestrian Street Lane to meet the different needs of consumers, to meet the needs of different investors.


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