Datong County Changning all the people to mobilize the masses to participate in building a better

is the town of Changning Datong 4 "military enterprises build a model village built new rural village clean and beautiful environment, Changning town Party committee and government to make concerted efforts to change the foundation walls, wall, door to whitewash transformation, transformation, Kang portal road hardening project has been basically completed in the village walls, pay close attention to the village renovation work, actively organize and mobilize all the cadres into four groups respectively into 4 project villages, focused on the use of 10 days, the village sanitation comprehensive remediation.

The work for the comprehensive improvement of the environment

main clean village dead garbage and roadway piled up in the hay, twigs, weeds, building materials and other debris impact village. Up to now, 4 projects were issued under the village sanitation rectification notice 320 copies, dispatched a large machinery 2 times, agricultural vehicles 8 times, the staff of 340 people, 42 branches, 26 clean hay heap, building materials 46, rubbish dead 115, demolition of roadway in the toilet, pen 4. Comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation work has achieved practical results.


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