Do business also need to continue learning charging shop

When it comes to charging learning

, many people think of is a student, perhaps in order to take an examination of what documents. However, no matter what we do, in fact, is the need to continue to charge the study, shop business as well. There is a young man of wood wood to the mountain, soon, another old man came chai. In the evening, the young husband found the old wood, although he Chaifu than late, cut wood is more than him, so he secretly decided, the next day to go to the mountain firewood earlier.

second days, the young husband Chai very early into the woods, he thought: "this time I cut some firewood more unexpectedly, when he took the wood back to the wood room at the old wood husband cut the wood, or more than him.

On the third day of the

, the young man decided that he would not only arrive earlier than the old man, but he would go down the mountain later than he did. Unexpectedly, on this day, the old wood firewood firewood, or more than he. The fourth and the fifth days are the same.

to the sixth day, of doubt, the young man finally unbearable, he asked old wood husband: "I am earlier than you, than you go down the mountain, younger than you have the strength, why do I cut the wood or less than you?""

"young man!" Old wood, patted his shoulder and said: "every day I went down after returning home, the first thing is sharpening the axe, but you come home, but because too tired just rest, axe are you cut blunt, so although I am older than you, than you are late to work earlier than you, but, my axe is better than you, I just cut five knife, the tree falls, you have to cut a dozen knives, tree will fall." The young man finally realized.

this story tells us that we are in the process of hard work, we can not forget to grow, so to do things, while enriching themselves. The last time may be as long as the efforts of firewood can survive, but in the rapidly changing modern, light wood is not enough, but to cut side grinding axe, and continue to enrich themselves, lifelong learning, so he will not be out of the market.

Zhang and sun is the author of the area of cigarette retail customers, their shops not only in the same street, but also the door to the door, only a road between the middle. Two retail stores are mainly engaged in tobacco, non-staple food, daily necessities, also like when the size of the store. Zhang is a little older, this year, more than and 50 years old, and Sohn relatively young, less than the age of 40. Regardless of the age or on the level of culture, Sohn Zhang on the above, but has been puzzling Sohn is Zhang’s store business is far better than their own. Zhang looked at the store’s customers are always booming, Sohn heart is not a taste.

one night, Sohn decided to find out what. He invited a friend, dressed up as a shopping customer, to Zhang’s shop to explore virtual

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