Do business need to be good at mining opportunities whole from the conversation

to say there is no business opportunities, it is impossible, after all, people’s demand has been growing. In fact, today’s society, everywhere is of business opportunities. As a successful retailer, I think there is a need not only the wisdom of the mind, good at thinking; but also have a keen eye observation; but also to have a pair of ears, listening. Hui ear can listen to business opportunities, this is not a legend, but the reality.

my hometown is located in rural mountainous areas, traffic inconvenience, information relative occlusion. Nearly more than and 300 people living in the territory, in recent years have also opened two retail stores, business competition is fierce. One of the bosses was more than and 50 years old, a year old at the age of more than and 40. It should be said that the more than and 50 year old boss has a unique advantage, shop early, store location, should be very prosperous business. But because of his conservative ideas, not listen to other people’s opinions, business is very light.

and the more than and 40 year old shopkeeper, played out early, but because the body has no proficiency in a particular line, did not earn much money, but see a lot of growth. The past two years to go home shop, business was booming. In fact, he did not have any special know-how, an important reason is to be good at communicating with people, like to listen to, good at other people seem to chat in the discovery of opportunities.

last year’s National Day holiday, I went home by his shop, he invited me to sit in the store.

imperceptibly talk to food safety issues, I said it is really impossible to guard against food safety, people worried. Such as Sanlu, Mengniu milk poisoning incident, a lot of people in the city did not dare to drink milk, but have to buy their own grinding machine Soybean Milk Soybean Milk, although a little trouble, but the nutrition and health and safety, it also has many other functions.

so if publicity in place, soy milk machine in our rural areas should have a big market. I also said that many people still home to the habit of eating lard, but from a medical point of view that excessive edible animal oil prone to high blood pressure, to strengthen guidance, transforming their traditional diet, then the salad oil, cooking oil in some stores in their hometown.

speaker has no intention, the listener carey. Then, he made a bold attempt in these two aspects, even in less than a month sales of 15 Taiwan Soybean Milk machine to sell nearly more than and 40 barrels of two kilos of cooking oil, joy shows between the lines. I go home for the spring festival. I smiled and said: "you are really a person, Hui ears listen to business opportunities, I hope the business better and better!"

dear retail friends, did you do that? In fact, we and acquaintances, customers and other conversations, perhaps there are many potential business opportunities waiting for you to dig, development.

for example

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