Shandong province to do a comprehensive employment of college graduates

the new school year is about to end, many college graduates will be worried about the future of the way out, and governments around the country are also in order to solve this problem and the introduction of a variety of good policies. Recently, the Shandong provincial agency issued a notice, in order to further improve the employment of college graduates in Shandong Province, according to the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of education "notice concerning the implementation of the plan to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial spirit, decided from 2016 in the implementation of the plan to promote the employment of College graduates".

which provides that colleges and universities around the world to help college students to establish a correct concept of employment and employment concept, to enhance the employability and Entrepreneurship of College graduates. The establishment of a scientific system of employment and entrepreneurship guidance, improve the content of employment guidance courses, career education and employment entrepreneurship courses throughout the whole process of personnel training. Colleges and universities to further popularize entrepreneurship education, strict implementation of entrepreneurship education courses not less than 32 hours and 2 credits.

to carry out various forms of simulation training, professional experience and other practical teaching activities, in-depth personalized counseling and counseling. Strengthening employment guidance teacher training, and actively carry out employment guidance and senior personnel professional training, in the evaluation of professional titles, post employment should y consider the nature, employment guidance to teachers’ work performance, and proper tilt under the same conditions.

addition, requirements to increase entrepreneurship demonstration platform construction, and strive to 2017, each city to build more than 1 provincial college students incubation bases or 1 above the provincial level entrepreneurship demonstration park, county (city and district) and university students to achieve business incubators or college business park covering the whole university. Provide low cost place support and business tax and other one-stop service for college graduates, and to meet the conditions of the given site rental subsidies. Every year about 10 college students to determine the business incubator demonstration base and entrepreneurial demonstration park, and in accordance with the provisions of the grant funds.

broaden the diversification of funding channels, all colleges and universities according to multi-party financing, form a joint force and improve the efficiency principle, explore the establishment of college graduates (undergraduate) venture fund, increase financial input to the entrepreneurship of College students. All localities should regulate the use of funds to support the provincial good entrepreneurship, employment subsidy funds and special funds to support the students start to lead the program, implement the one-time start-up subsidies, job subsidies, disposable one-time business development places of business lease subsidies and business loans and other policies.

plan pointed out that relying on well-known vocational colleges, key enterprises continue to strengthen the construction of college graduates employment internship base, by the end of 2019 to build a 300 college graduates employment trainee demonstration base". Human resources and social security departments at all levels should strengthen consultation and cooperation with relevant departments, efforts to shape

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